quick collage podcast #1
Paul and I dreamed up a new concept for my podcast, inspired by Project Runway. What I enjoy so much about watching that show is seeing the creative process in action.

This podcast is a tiny window into the thought process I go through when creating. It's an art challenge in which I make a collage in 20 minutes around a theme that Paul reveals to me moments before we start the clock.

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After you've listened to the podcast,
click here to see the finished artwork.

What sort of artwork could you make around the theme in this episode? I would love to see! Post a link to it in the comments below!

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claudine! LOVE your podcast!!!!! :) downloaded it onto my iPod!

yay! so glad you like it. Paul and I had a blast creating it :)
Ooooo!! what fun! I felt like I was sitting in your studio watching you work! I closed my ideas and listened to see if my vision would look like your finished work...not! Yours was much better looking! I look forward to more of your podcasts!!

look Claudine, now I can comment!

love the new podcast - what a fun idea and glad to have Paul asking some questions for us!

love from So.Cal.!
So fun! I love what you came up with in such a short amount of time!
Just loved listening to your podcast and seeing the final result. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Austin, TX
Claudine - that was great fun. The collage looks fantastic (of course). What a great idea!
HoraaaaY! Your site is working with AOL and i was able to order your Collage Video 1 DVD!!!

I Cannot get fast speed or cable connection here in the JT desert; so, podcast are frustrating to listen to =(
Laptop is on my Birthday Fairy List, and then I can listen away at our local coffee shop.
Ohhhhh I cant wait for the mail to arrive =)
I loved hearing how you created the collage. This is so neat. Thanks for sharing!

Just loved listening to your podcast. Finished collage was just as I imagined.
Tell me, do you create a poppet picture for each of your blog entries or do you have a little stash of them covering all sorts of topics?
I think they are great.
The minute I get my IPOD fixed I am downloading your Podcast. I think I am the only crafty person I know left without one. You and crafty chica should do a pod cast on how to do your own pod cast!

you can listen to the pod cast thru the PC if you want, don't have to wait for your ipod to come back from the DR :)

see you at CHA!

so glad you liked the podcast! I try to make new little Poppet(TM) illustrations for the blog entries. I like the challenge! :)
what a great concept for a podcast! loved being along for the ride through your creative process! i may have to challenge myself to a create a 20-minute collage to see if I could do it...
claudine- just wanted to say hello! from a new fan out here. : )
i have your books/dvd's on my "please, please! someone get these for my b-day or just because you love me list". LOL~ I'm so excited about what you are doing. Love your blog and so happy that I can still see what goes into your collage art here. The podcast was super cool!
Claudine! You know what i think would have been kinda FUNNY?
If only ONE of the "not-so-pretty" twins won the pageant, not the other!
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