still cleaning
I am almost done with the studio. I have never taken this long before to clean it all out, which it partly why it has never been totally organized. After tomorrow it should be all done. I have just about reached my cleaning threshold but I am determined to continue until it's finished. I feel like Frodo making my way to Mt. Doom.

I have been calling charities trying to get rid of this old desk that we just don't have room for in the re-done studio. I never knew charities would be so picky. When I call to ask them if they would collect the desk they ask "...well what kind of desk?" So I describe it "dark wood kind of dated but would look cute if painted white with new hardware" So they all say "hmmm no thanks." Harrumph.

I hate throwing away stuff that will just add to the landfill, so I contacted FreeCycle and found a group in my area, posted up about the desk and already have a taker! yay!
Glad you are almost done ! Looking forward to seeing the before and after photos. I am about to attempt the way to my Mt. Doom of a studio. I am off to Ikea tomorrow to get some new shelving to inspire me.

Happy New Year to you, Paul, Toby, Mabel and Maggie.
I have cheated in the past when charities turned their noses up at perfectly good furniture that just required a coat of paint. It's terrible, I know. But, I'd drop it off at the donation store after hours. Go into the store a week or so later, and there it is all spiffed up on the showroom floor, or ask about an item that meets it's description and they say it just sold a day or so before. I suppose I'm going to Hell for that, but the stuff still found a home! It's all good. ;o)
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