I'm in serious nesting mode with all the reorganizing of the studio I am doing. Paul and I got some shelving units from Target that are super cute and have little fabric drawers that slide in. So far I have thrown out 3 bags of various junk and I'm only half way done. I am feeling really happy with the way it is coming along, I don't think I have ever had a studio this organized, now the trick will be to see if it will STAY that way. I have been taking pictures so I can post before and after photos.

Thanks to Shannon for suggesting the 12x12 paper holders, I ordered 3 and I'll see how they work out!

Ok back to cleaning for me!
That's the part I can never figure out, myself. How to KEEP the studio (and office, for that matter) clutter-free once I've cleaned it out. :o) If anyone reading this figures out how to do that, I'll pay for the info!

Happy cleaning! I love the way my studio looks after I've cleared out all the stagnant stuff and, for a brief and blissful few days, know where everything is. hee hee! I look forward to seeing the pictures of before and after to:

1)remind me that I'm not the only one with chaos in my studio, and

2)give me inspiration to clean it again
gosh i'd like to see what kind of "trash" you have in those bags. One person's trash is another person's treasure :)
good luck with the organizing.
Just had to stop and say good luck with all that! LOL I am in the process of doing the same thing myself.
BTW, i received your newest book for Christmas and i am enjoying it!! thanks for sharing your talents. :)
I ditto what Jen said....I'd love to see your trash!! :):)
thanks for all your supportive comments!

The trash isn't really so interesting, mostly it's old mail/catalogs that I have read and then manages to make a very large pile. Also I have a problem with hoarding cardboard boxes "incase I need to send something that size"

My biggest clutter problem other than the above are all the books I have, after I read them I want to keep them, but then they all make very large piles, so I'll be donating a bunch to the library!

OK back to work for me, I'm almost in the home stretch!
Yes, I can't wait to see before and after pictures! I think I spend more time organizing than I do creating -
Paula, I know how you feel! LOL!
You all sound just like me...piles of magazines and old them. Keeping cardboard them. Know what else I'm guilty of? Keeping all those manilla and padded envelopes to recycle and use again. So I have piles of those, too. ha I am a recycle/reuse/repurpose person almost to an extreme..too much for my own good. Glad to see I'm not the only one. ;) Good luck with the cleaning! I need to get in my room and do that as well. I've just had zero "oomph" lately. Happy new year!
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