maggie the apron eater
While reorganizing my studio today I picked up my painting apron and what do I find? It's been chewed to bits by tiny little teeth!

There's only one creature in my house that could wreak so much havoc and that is little Maggie. There appears to be about 8 inches of the apron tie missing, now I have to wonder did she eat it and swallow it like she's done with so many other things: bra straps, vertical blind strings etc. Or did she chew it off and then play with the missing piece which is now under a bed or a sofa.

I have done my best to get rid of everything that she might possibly chew in the house, but as soon as I think I have gotten rid of everything -- she takes a fancy to something else. Since now she's chewing on plain old fabric I don't know what I'll do!

It would be funny if it weren't so worrying. We are watching her like a hawk for any signs of feeling sick, and I am ready to rush her to the vet at a moment's notice. sheesh.
Oh no...why are there kitties who eat silly things? And why when you think you have cleared out anything that could be eaten, do they find something new ?

I've had cats who eat shoelaces and I now have a dog who eats rocks. It does make for very nervous worrying. I hope all is well with Maggie.
Cats do real well with digesting paper products. My feisty feline, Miss Kitty,( you can see her on my blog) is now 14 years of age, and has consumed a wide array of paper, and like substances, with no serious repercussions =)

I would suggest either a rubber band or hair band as a replacement for Maggie . Most cats go absolutely bonkers over them, and will spend long periods of time playing with them.
glad I'm not the only one whose kitties eat things they aren't supposed to!

maggie can't have rubber bands she eats those too. My studio has to be on complete lock down with all dangerous items away every time I finish creating -- never thought she'd eat the apron though!
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