major frustration
Another great episode of Project Runway.

I almost missed it because of dealing with AOL tech support. I was on the phone in various levels of tech support hell, from 5pm-10pm, it appears that AOL has blocked my
web site so that any visitor using an AOL connection will not be able to access it. Yesterday it was working fine - today it's not. It's not my web site hosting service, it's AOL.

Because AOL was not taking my problem seriously, I did a 3-way phone call with my web hosting service (thanks Steve!) to AOL and seemed to finally make some headway, then AOL sent me to another person and another and another and another and I was back at square one. AOL denies there is a problem. Well all I can say is, if the entire rest of the internet can access my site but anyone using an AOL connection can't -- it seems to me that AOL is the problem. It is making me crazy.

But I refused to miss Project Runway, I wasn't going to let them spoil my good TV night.

I felt really sad for Marla when she said "as a designer I don't trust my own creative voice" how horrible would that be? I know as artists we all doubt our
creativity now and then (I know I do!) but somewhere deep inside there needs to be that level of trust with yourself as a creative person.

I feel sad for Marla but I still think she should have been voted off. At least Guadalupe designed something original. Maybe it wasn't the prettiest but at least it was her design, I felt like based on the judge's usual criteria that Marla should have been the one to go because she just about copied an existing dress that Nikki already owned and didn't come up with something new. She was warned that it looked derivative and she should have made more changes. To me that should have been a bigger no-no with the judges than what Guadalupe did.

Always a good show! You never know who they will vote off next. Ok I'm going to try and sleep now and not fret about my web site, maybe it will magically get fixed while I sleep. I am sure I'll have tech support nightmares all night!

Oh my.. 5 hours of tech support HELL! I am sooo sorry.

I love Project Runway too and I completely agree with you!! Marla was rewarded for ripping someone off essentially while Lupe listened to her voice and followed it and lost out.

I was bummed that Santino won out over Nick. He is such a pompous ASS and needs to be knocked down a couple of pegs IMO, not to mention that I thought his dress looked undone. I guess Nicky liked his attitude because she and her sister seem to have attitudes to match.

Wow, I've written my own blog entry in your comments. LOL

I agree I wish Nick would have won, but it seems that Nikki liked Santio. Santions dress was OK but was more of his usual baby doll style with lots of scrunches and bunches up top.

I was wondering while watching the show, is someone like Nikki Hilton really the best person to be allowed to judge the competition?
If it's any consolation, Nikki Hilton lost her wedding ring at Spago's here in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and had a long and drawn out hissy fit over it. Ya, I know she's divorced, but she kept the ring. Sentimental value, I guess. Suffice it to say, the ring was not found, likely pinched in the ladies' room where she probably left it (eyes rolling). I know this because a head honcho over at Spago's is a friend of me and the hubby, and after Spago's closed he came by our New Year's party and delighted us all with the gory details. I suppose it's mean to take comfort in that, but Marla should have stayed and I suspect "mean girl" syndrome where Nikky is concerned. All I can say is, "Karma, Nikky! Karma!" ;o) She's nicer than her sister, but she's still a twit.

I'm probably going to Hell for that.

I reach you through AOL and haven't had any difficulties.

the ways of this blogosphere are well beyond my neuronal capacity

I so agree with your comments on PRW!

So..... According to the judges-it is better to be a copy-cat then completely original!!!!???

Bad Decision, Wrong decision, They should CHANGE this decision!!!

and even worse- an AWFUL message to send to the viewers!!!

I impatiently waited through 3 hours of the Rose bowl for This? and to top it off SANTINO wins again
I just can't help it...I love Santino's work! I see my personal picks for the final three(Nick, Le Santino and Chloe) were also Nicky's. I don't feel too sad that Guadalupe is out, but I don't feel happy that Marla is in. She has had more than her fair share of judge trouble and it is only a matter of time before she hits the road. My 12 yr old daughter is now hooked. She has been the family fashionista ever since I took her to the Bill Blass retrospective when she was 9. I can't leave the house without her Clinton and Stacying me. I will be posting a "Starlet Party Dress" themed paper doll on my blog, as one of my daily assignments.
MaryBeth, actually it's not my blog that AOL is blocking it's worse -- it's my web site

From what I can tell from my web host tech support, this isn't just happening to me -- a bunch of other web sites are also being blocked by the AOL Network so that people using an AOL internet connection can not view them but anyone one w/o an AOL connection can.

The place that hosts my web site is trying to figure out the problem. It's making me crazy because I can imagine all these people who might be wanting to attend my workshops or commission artwork not being able to access my web site. I can only hope not that many people use AOL anymore.

ugh! this is stressing me out. Time to take some Xanx or Vallium or something.
I agree with Debbi, I think the final 3 will be Nick, Santio and Chloe! We'll see!!
About the tech stuff... yesterday and for a while this morning, I was unable to access your website and I'm NOT AOL. so, what's up with that... like having a wrench thrown in your spokes, huh?
Angie in AZ

totally! since this is how I make my living it's so scary thinking that my web site is not working properly.

thanks for letting me know about you not being able to access it. That makes me think, maybe it's on both ends, both my web host and AOL, the problem is each one blames the other so I get stuck in a no man's land of tech support hell. arrrugh!!
What was up with those spiked heels Santino wore to the party!!!???
yes, another fantastic episode. I'm so wrapped up in the show now... ward and I can't wait for each wednesday night!

I was shocked that marla was not voted off. as weak as she is creatively (and she admitted that herself with the remark regarding not trusting her own creative voice, which, yes, that was sad), I really thought that this would be her week to go. I was also shocked that she could not (or would not?) see how close her design was to the chloe dress... and after this particular episode, I'm wondering how she made it to the show in the first place. can't believe she is still around! who knows? maybe she'll make something fabulous over the course of the next couple of shows and I'll have to eat my words. at any rate, I was sad to see guadalupe go. I thought her designs had an edge to them that were fun and very forward.

as for santino, well... I hate to even waste any words on him. yes, he is talented but I just can't take the bravado and self-absorption. and the fact that he tries so hard to be different. that's what those spiked heels were about. his dress was okay (too busy and fussy with details, as usual) but the worst part of him winning was his smugness. UUUUGGGHHHH.

have you checked out any of the podcasts...? they are so interesting! especially the one regarding the 'lingerie' episode. supposedly, santino spent 90 MINUTES going back and forth with nina (and the rest of the judges) defending his designs. we saw a tiny fraction of what actually transpired. oh santino.

okay, I'm done ranting. I feel better now!
hi claudine!

i'm a admirer of your work for ions, and was so jealous when my friend, andrea (hulaseventy) got to go to one of your classes in atlanta. i live up in vancouver - any chance you'd be doing something like that up here anytime this new year? would be so cool to have you here!

good luck with all your internet problems - such a drag i'm sure and i know how frustrating those help desks can be sending you in circles. yikes!

thanks for your sweet words! the closest I'll be to Vancouver will be a workshop on Whidbey Island WA, at the Coupeville Arts Center. I'll be teaching a 3 day workshop. It's a short drive from Vancouver, I think about 2 hours or so. Don't quote me on that.

here's a link to my workshop schedule as long as you don't use AOL you should be able to get to it

Just send me email if you need more info!

wow! I didn't know about the Project Runway podcasts, will def. check those out.



I agree what was up with those spiked LADIES shoes? weird.
Gosh, everyone's already said so much that I agree with. I voted on the Bravo site for the dress I liked best (Nick's) and at that time his had the highest rating. So what does Nicki Hilton know except how to spend money? (That seems to be Santino's main focus too...getting ladies to cough up big bucks on his creations.)

And Zulema's leather top with the chiffon white bottom was ghastly,not as butt ugly as Guadalupe's, but very unflattering.
Claudine, I agree that Marla should have been voted off but I saw a notice in the closing credits that besides the judges that the producers have a say in who goes & who stays. That explains why Daniel was voted off, Santino stayed and why they kept Marla. They want the drama & confict so we'll keep watching.
Thanks for turning me on to the show. I record it on my DVD and watch when I want. My only gripe with the show is Heidi's voice. She's really cute but her voice is like chaulk screeching on a blackboard and hurts my ears.
I use Earthlink and your website comes in loud & clear.
Karen in Kissimmee
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