steaming mad
Dealing with AOL is like dealing with a brick wall. They can't seem to understand that the problem lies not on my computer but ANYONE with an AOL connection can not access my web site. Somehow AOL has blocked it and it seems no one knows how to unblock it. AOL tech support is useless and my web site host can not help me because the problem lies with AOL. So I don't know what to do.

I asked my
yahoo group members if they could email me which ISP they use and if they can see my web site, so far the only people having trouble are AOL users and one Roadrunner user. Roadrunner is owned by Time Warner (which also owns AOL) and from what I understand they use the same server backbone (whatever that is!) so they are essentially the same thing.

I am trying not to totally have a meltdown about it but since my
web site is the way I make my living, imagining that a whole audience of AOL users can not access it - is freaking me out. I can only pray not many people use AOL anymore and have moved on to other better and nicer ISPs.

For some comic relief I listened to a
This American Life episode about one of their staffers who was also caught in a tech support hell for 10 months. Hilarious story I could totally relate to. Click here to listen to it. Scooch the timeline along to 34min 15sec to get to that part of the show. Very funny. Now if only I could get Ira Glass to help me too!
I've never heard of such a thing, but somehow it doesn't surprise me knowing that AOL is involved. Hope it is resolved soon!!

ha, I love your animation!

btw, i had to laugh at your comment the other day and how you were wondering why I was posting a photo of Hillary Swank with Santa. :)
That is just brutal.....and wrong. We never used AOL back in the day when it was competing with MSN for top dog status. I remember it being dubbed "AOHell" by all who had the misfortune of needing anything from the support staff. Apparently, the quality of customer service has not improved.

Wishing you resolution. Don't lose too much sleep over it or drive yourself to a migraine.
"The web site you have requested may be experiencing technical difficulties due to a busy or broken server. "

CLAUDINE OMG! I CANT get to your SITE!!!! it is Friday, Jan 6 4pm, PAcific coast time, but no problem getting to your BLOG "obviousley"..

I am by no means a tech person, BUT could you re-route folks by changing the website address to your blog address- at least temporarily??

Im so sorry for your tech tragedy... passing the xanax bottle to you...
Sorry about aol - however that is the cutest animated poppet - ever!
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