ready for the runway finale
Paul and I are watching re-runs of Project Runway and preparing for our runway finale party tomorrow night! We're having Lynn and John and Martha and Larry over to celebrate the last episode.

Tonight Paul created a Project Runway trivia game. I am not allowed to see the questions so I can play along too. So it's top secret for now! We also thought of some PR themed games we can play, but we'll have to see if everyone else is up for it. One idea involves garbage bags, masking tape and 20 minutes to create a design for your partner. ha! should be fun!

We can hardly wait to see who wins!

Right now I am betting it will be Jeffrey. But I'm still rooting for Michael!


hi Claudine!

what a great group to get together for your PR finale party! be sure to take photos - especially if they go along w/ the garbage bag game!!! Can't wait to hear the details of the game Paul created - know it will be tough!

can't wait - still trying to be sure I saw all of last week's episode... can't wait for tomorrow night! have fun!

karen who is back home in so. cal.
my 2 cents. my guess is that laura will pull it out and win. michaels was awful, jeffs didn't have a cohesive collection, and uli had too many easy sewing projects- not couture. Laura had no hype on Bravo (they always do the unexpected), so no one is thinking laura. I think she had a gorgeous collection from what i saw.
I agree with the above comment. I love Laura's clothes. I am betting that even if she does not win, she can get into a new career. I am so excited about the finale!!! I am really hoping Mr. Nasty is not the winner. Your party sounds like loads of fun!!
I agree that Jeffrey will win. I do not care for him personally...I want Michael to win. I bet Laura doesn't win. I can't wait til tonight...your party sounds great.
Did you see Heidi on Ellen's show? She was a hoot! They did a spoof called Project Ellen and Heidi took off her boots so Ellen could wear them on the runway. I'll be glued to the tv tonight. I think all 4 of them are good so whoever wins, I won't be disappointed. ~Sharon
Can't wait for the show tonight. You should post Paul's Project Runway trivia questions for us tomorrow and see if we die-hard fans can answer them. Be sure to post a photo of the winning garbage bag contestants!!! Have fun!
I love the games you have planned. Please post pics of the garbage bag designs if you do it. That sounds fabulous!!!
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