free halloween banner for your home!
Happy October! I have a freebie Halloween download for you today! It's a PDF file which you can download, print and display!

This is Maggie dog being a reluctant model in my Halloween banner photoshooot! Normally she loves sitting in front of the fireplace but she couldn't understand why I wanted her to sit there right then and kept getting up to come over to me where I had my camera. She has her confused expression on with ears straight out to the side. silly girl!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE HALLOWEEN BANNER PRINTABLE! YAY!! -- file is approx 4MB --  It's such an easy project and it looks so cute in our living room on our mantle.

Links to my printables on pinterest, twitter, facebook etc are very much appreciated! For more fun Halloween printable kits check out my Etsy store here

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Great banner!
Love the banner-but Maggie has stolen my heart.What a great face-such soulful eyes.You can tell she's thinking you've lost your marbles!
Oh Maggie dog looks so beautiful there! Please tell her I said so.
The banner looks great hanging from your lovely mantle and above your cute doggie!
love this : thank you so much ! i share the link here :
i was thinking the exact same thing-- freebie banner is fantastic, but oh wow -- what a sweet sweet beautiful dog!!! There's some deep soul indeed in those eyes. Her expression is so funny.
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