halloween printables village kit!
I am so excited to share with you my new Halloween printable kits in my Etsy store! I have been working away like crazy on these for quite some time and they are finally ready! yipeee!!

I've created 4 printable Halloween kits and designed them so that they can also be used as party favor boxes, paper toys, or as super fun decorations for your dining table, mantel or entryway. 

Today Id like to introduce you to the Halloween Village Kit!! I've created 4 houses for you that are completely 3D so you can set them in the middle of your dining table and all your guests will have a cute view! 

Each house can easily be turned into a battery operated tea light luminary!! Imagine putting them in your  back porch area. Or have them all glowing on your mantel or dining table! Because it's a printable kit you can make tons and tons of houses! Print as many as you like! Weeeee!!

 Or use the houses as super sweet Halloween party favor or mini gift boxes! 

I have even created how-to videos for the kits so that you can see how easy they are to put together! All my kits are easy to put together - trust me I don't have the patience for crazy intricate labor intensive assembly. I want instant gratification! But these videos will help you with just a few little tips that I found after putting these together a gazillion times when i was prototyping them.

Here's a video where I show how to put together the small house and tips on how to turn the houses into luminaries. 

And here's a video showing you the chimney assembly! The chimney makes the house so cute! It's so easy to add one!

Tomorrow I'll share with you my tombstone favor box kit! You can see it right now in my etsy store here! 

This is a new little venture for me and if it's well received I've got lots more fun kits up my sleeve that I can not wait to share with you! Click here to see all my Halloween kits in my etsy store!

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They're super cute, well done on thinking in 3D! :-) Hope they sell well!
Claudine, these houses are so darn cute! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!! Love the chimneys!!! xoEvie
thank you so much guys!! so glad you like them!!
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