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I've posted a few time about finding your artistic style (here and here) before. And this week it's been on my mind a lot. Surfing around on my ipad on Flipboard I stumbled across Gary Painter's drawing tips. I think I could do a blog post about every one of his tips (and maybe I will) but my absolute 100% favorite of his tips is: 

#10 Don’t worry about a style. It will creep up on you and eventually you will have to undo it in order to go further. Be like a river and accept everything. 

ahh so true! I exclaimed out loud when I read it. 

which brings me to.... my very close friend Lesley Riley and I had a great phone call interview all about composition and artistic style for her new online class --- she's given me a little snippet to share here with you.  

Click here to play the 1 min audio. 

In this audio you'll hear me talking about style and how as artists we strive to find our own style but then that style also has a sweet spot. A place where it is comfortable and you are really in the groove, but that place is short lived because soon as artists we must grow our work. 

Similar to what Gary Painter was saying in his #10 tip, to stay in that comfy place for too long the work gets stale.... 

That's where Lesley's class comes in! Not only discovering your style and pushing your work, but more importantly studying composition. Click here to learn all about Lesley's online class that starts Oct. 17th. She has a discount code that is good ONLY until tomorrow October 5th. The code is LuckyMe and you will get a 25% discount! Yay Lesley! It was a treat to be part of your class, I know everyone will love it!


It is so true. For so long I was scared to submit or even do tutorial because I didn't think I had a style. But suddenly I did. I'm not as consistent as some people but that is part of my style as well.
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