tombstone favor box kit for halloween
Today I am sharing with you my new printable Halloween Tombstone Favor Box kit

These little tombstones are illustrated completely in 3D so you can display them anywhere! They come as a set of 8 with 4 large tombstones and 4 mini tombstones. You can print as many as you like to make an entire spooky graveyard :) If you combine this with the  Spooky Forest kit you can really make an elaborate haunted graveyard!


Use as party favor or mini gift  boxes at your Halloween party! 

Use as place setting markers! This kit has customizable text so you can use the Tombstones as name cards at your Halloween table! Just open up the file in Adobe Acrobat and type names or text into the provided fields! 

Dollhouse miniaturists - these are scaled to 1/12" scale and they look so cute with my doll house!

They come with complete written instructions and I also created a tutorial video on how to put these little guys together! They are not hard to assemble but I have some tips on how to get the rounded tops nice and smooth!

Tomorrow I'll share with you my i-scream truck & whimsical hearse favor box kit! You can see it right now in my etsy store here!

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These are spooky-cute!! xo Evie
Thanks evie!!!
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