ready for HSN!
I'm in Tampa and ready for the big 24 hour craft event tomorrow on HSN! I'll be up early and at the studio by 3am to get ready for the first show in the 5am hour. 

There will tons of your favorite craft companies there all with amazing goodies at great deals and Martha Stewart will be there too! I doubt I'll get to glimpse her, but wouldn't that be great to bump into her?! I wonder if she would remember that I was on her show?

Here's my schedule you can watch on or on the HSN channel on your TV:

5:08 am  - Rubon - o - Rama rubon kit (only a few left!)
5:16am - Whimsical Woodworks kit (limited quantities!)
7:24am - Sweet Shoppe Sticker kit (brand new!!!)
7:31am - Super Swell Scrapbook Kit (special sales price!)
2pm - Holly Jolly Craft Kit (new kit!!)

(all times approximate and listed as EST) 
As it is usual with TV, schedules change and any of the above time slots could be adjusted. I'll post last minute time changes to twitter and facebook.  

But don't worry if you miss it, it'll be on and you'll be able to find the kits to purchase on too!! you don't even need to wait for me to be on air to snatch up the kits. You can hop on over to anytime!

Here are my preview videos of my two new kits debuting tomorrow!

Sweet Shoppe Stickers Kit:

Holly Jolly Craft Kit:

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on last time from twitter and facebook! I so appreciate your support!


hello are sooooo crazy.....:)...of course in positive meaning....I love,love,love all your stuff.....and I'm soo sorry that i can't buy it.....I'am from Holland...and no HSN I am very happy that i can at least watch your video...thanks Maria
thanks maria!! I wish HSN sold internationally!!
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