xyron giveaway

thanks to everyone for playing. We'll have another giveaway soon!! 

Let's have a blog giveaway! When I was at HSN last week (was that really only last week!?) I met the fabulous Beth Kingston, who works with Xyron.

They had an incredible bundle of super amazing Xyron goodies for sale on HSN. Everything sold out of course but she is letting me offer one more set (see above photo) to a lucky winner on my blog. This tape runner is FABULOUS and easy to load too! Thanks Beth and Xyron! 

So just post a comment in this blog post below. PLEASE put your email with your comment so I can easily find out how to contact you! 

I'll choose one winner using the Random Number generator on Monday at 5pm EST! 

Also check out Beth's Facebook page and the Xyron Facebook page for even more giveaways! 

thanks to everyone for playing. We'll have another giveaway soon!!


Ooh ooh, please pick me!

I watched this on HSN that day and really wanted to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!
What an awesome give away. thanks for the chance to enter blklman [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz
I ADORE your work and would enjoy being entered in the give away!
I saw this on HSN the other day and wished I had the $ to buy! Would love to win!
Hello Claudine!
I just found you Blog through FaceBook and this wonderful giveaway!
I don't own any Xyron Products, but from what I have been ready as well as seeing, that just might have to change!
Thanks so very much for the chance to win! I look forward to checking out your Blog!
Thanks again,
Sue O
I love Xyron products, thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!
How nice of them and how nice if you Claudine!!! Thanks!!
i've heard really great things about this tape runner, thanks to you and beth for a chance to win :)
Claudine, I didn't realize Xyron came out with a hand held tape. Love it!
Ohh, nice. Xyron is expanding into new items. I think I need this!
I loved your presentation and your line is beyond adorable. Unfortunately, I'm on a spending freeze since I'm unemployed. I hope you'll be on again very soon.
This looks wonderful!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!
i love xyron so much! please pick me random number generator :)
would love to win!
IMHO how did we live before Xyron? I haven't tried these specific projects and would be so thrilled to win this prize package. Thank you so much for offering it up.
Sue B.
Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance! Xyron is AWESOME!
what a fun giveaway...I would so love to win...thanks for the chance...

happy crafting..
Amazing products....xyron is the bomb...have many of their products....
I would love to try the Xyron tape gun!!!! Congrats on your new products!
Love Xyron!
Wow excited to see this! Would love to win one!

Michelle D.
Hi Claudine! Your books inspired me to do collage art! thanks!
cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com
Thanks for the giveaway! Love Xyron products.
Always love some good tape!! Thanks Claudine & thanks Xyron. Blessings!!
<3 the color and the product! Whomever wins will definitely be lucky! Thanks for the opportunity!
I hope your dad's surgery goes well. I found out 3 years ago that I have aortic valve stenosis and am being monitored for it. Thank you for taking the time to offer such a great prize! I am a true Xyron lover! I am so "stuck on them" that they can call me their sticky stalker! LOL
Thanks again and good luck with your dad!
Would love to win! Thanks for the chance! mprantner at gmail dot com
Fantastic Giveaway!!!! Love Xyron products and this looks to be one of the best and so much easier to use. Thanks for the chance!
Fantastic Giveaway!!!! Love Xyron products. thanks for the chance
Hi Claudine! I’ve had other xyron products before and love them! Would love to win, my email is oceangoddess (at) gmail (dot) com. xo! p.s. hope your dad is doing well!
What a nice chance! I'll keep my fingers crossed - I love Xyron!
I need that!! Good luck to everyone and thanks to Claudine & Xyron.

iamvictorias at gmail dot com
Great giveaway!!!!
What a great opportunity. Thanks Claudine for the chance to win an awesome xyron product.
I am always going through a crazy amount of double sided tape and glue on my collage projects. These little rollers look so handy! xo
lesley [at] lesleymyrick [dot] com
Oh Please Pick me. I dont have one and want one really really bad. I hope My # comes up. I love this product. And have alot of things to use it on. Thanks for the giveaway.
Amy Jones
crossing fingers!!! jen taylor
What a terrific giveaway, Xyron stuff is so cleverly made. margueritecore (at) gmail (dot) com
ooooh Yummy! What a fab and generous giveaway! Sign me up!

Thanks Claudine :P
Thank you claudine! I would love to win! I have a Xyron 5" machine and think it is the bee's knees!
What a terrific giveaway,I would to play with the xyron tape runner.Thanks for the chance to win.
Great Give Away! THX for the chance.
Hi, great give away! Thank you!
Love Xyron products, thanks for the chance to win.
bttrflywmn at gmail dot com

My google account isn't working for some reason so I am commenting anonymously sorry
Thank you for this chance, Xyron Fairy!
Hey Claudine,
Great and inspiring to see you being so successful! Keep it up :)
Oh boy, how exciting!! Count me in!!
Claudine- so glad to hear about your dad. Continued prayers!

chel DOT micheline AT gmail DOT com
Hi Claudine,
Met you a few years ago at CHA chicago..... I love your style! I didn't know Xyron had an ATG.....looks awesome!! wish me luck!!
oops, Iforgot my email in my last comment....
Xyron products make me happy!
Xyron products make me happy!
Claudine - I am obsessed with your products which I just recently discovered on HSN! I ordered every item you had available on their website. I just received my order last night and I have been looking through all of the amazing products I received. I also ordered products from Xyron - which I adore. Beth Kingston always presents practical, unique, and inspiring ways to use the Xyron products. My email address is:
this is so fun--fab products
Claudine, Thanks so much for the opportunity, the products look fun to try. My email is:
Hope your Dad continues to heal, will keep you all in my prayers. Best, Jeanette
How cool! Love Xyron products!
Hi Claudine! Hope your dad's surgery went really well! I'd love the Xyron package! Hope the random generator picks me!
Please enter me to win!! Great giveaway.

Sharon F.
Thanks for the chance to win. I hope your Dad is doing wonderfully!
this looks like a cool product to use. Thanks for the chance to win!
liberalsprinkles at gmail dot com
That is such a beautiful shade of blue!
Would love these products!

ekseeley at gmail dot com
You need to pick me, I am short and round and need all the help I can get!
What a great giveaway!! Would love to win this!
love your work-thanks for
the giveaway!

I love Xyron, thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!
Claudine, I love your new line of stamps! I'm looking for a different brand of tape runner than I'm using now, I'd like to try Xyron's.
Hi Claudine,
This is a great set and wanted to order but still looking for work, so alas I couldn't afford them. Thanks to you & Beth for the chance to win!
Pam F.
thank you for the giveaway!
How awesome are you to host this giveaway. just finished watching a bunch of CHA video's and seen some of your work along with alot of other crafter's. Wow I cant wait until I am able to go to a CHA meeting. Better make sure I have loads of cash though from what i've seen in the video's.
Your blog is awesome too. Thanks for the chance to win a xyron
Me, me, me! I love Xyron products - fantastic adhesives and sticker makers.
Thanks for the chance to win, Claudine! I love Xyron products. I just bought the Matte Laminate today. I am planning on making some book marks!
Thanks for the chance to win! Looks like fun.
I have been meaning to comment on your blog for awhile now, but end up just scanning in google reader... anyway... congratulations on the HSN gig! I was so excited when it was announced, as that is a huge (and new) audience for you.

I just ordered some of your multi-medium and some stamps and am looking forward to using them.

And I would love a Xyron!

OMGoodness...this looks much more manageable than my ATG gun. I have never met a Xyron product that I didn't like, so I would like to throw my hat in the ring. Thanks for the opportunity cyndi hulst (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
thank you for the chance to win a real glue gun!
mea57_98 at
I would love to win this! Was out shopping yesterday looking for it and could not find it, so winning it would be great!!! Thanks!!
Karen -
super giveaway!....and wonderful blog!
I didn't even know that xyron makes a tape runner, how in the world did I miss that! Thanks for the chance to win :)
I am really glad I was sent over here for the givveaway becuase i found your other stuff too. Glad to hear your dad did well with his surgery.
Wow! This would be an awesome item to use at an upcoming retreat I am attending in March. Thanks for the chance to win.
melinda at sbmsystems dot com

amazing giveaway, love your work! And of coarse the amazing Beth! Great giveaway!
I'd love to win, and try out these awesome
Products!!!! :)
Thanks for the chance
You were fantastic-I really enjoyed watching you and Beth.I can certainly give one of these a good home if you want to send it my way!Thank you both for the chance to win.
This looks so awesome. Pick me!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me!!!!! My 10 year old little girl is always making little gifts for friends & me let her make more!!!! She will even make 1 for you : ) xoxo
Thanks for the giveaway! This Xyron looks cool!
What a great giveaway! You can never have too many Xyron goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!
I would love to win this fantastic tape runner. Thanks for the chance.
cstephenson at q dot com
Cant wait to try it out
Mary Lee
can never have enough xyron...great product.
I could definitely use it!!

sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com
I would love to win this!

cameocrafts1 (no space)
I'm looking for a good adhesive. Hope your dad is doing better.
I love the Xyron products. Making greeting cards is so much easier using them.
I saw this on HSN and loved it when I saw it! I would love to win!
I would love one of these, pick me! Hope your dad continues to improve.
Wow, I would love to try these! thanks for the opportunity!
I would like to try it! ;)
Thanks i love your art! I would like to live in Usa to take a workshop with you ;)
Love xyron stuff.
love xyron
cposen at
would love to win. thank you
Thanks for the great giveaway!

jeanie3953 at
I have been looking for the mega runner but not been able to find it. Would love to win it! Thanks!
I seem to be on a quest for an adhesive which will work - and work for a long time. I've come back to projects (mostly cards) to find some of piece or other has either fallen off or has edges that have pulled up. I've been told that my card recipients keep my cards on display and I have an egoic fear that an embellie here or an layer there will have a "problem". Help!
What a great giveaway!!!
Randomly pick me please!
Great giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win.
Love Love Love Xyron!
what a wonderful giveaway!! I'd love to win. Thanks for the
Would love to win!
This would be great..I love there products...Thank you,
Oh I so hope I am the lucky one. I love the blue!!!!!!
thanks for the opportunity
A friend let me try her Xyron and it was awesome. Smooth running and an excellent adhesive. It ran out of tape and she had it changed in a blink of an eye! I would love to win this. Good luck to all who enter!
Love me some Xyron!
thanks for giving us the chance to try this fab product! and liked Beth's facebook page, too.
kwhite48124 at yahoo dot com
my tape runner just broke! this would be great to win! hope your dad is doing well too! thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your new lines!
please pick me
Thank you Claudine.
Love Xyron.....can't wait to play with this! Thanks! Kim
awesome giveaway! Thanks Claudine & Xyron.
jennhv (at) cox (dot) net
LOVE Xyron products!
This would be nice!!! Thanks for being so generous and for the chance♥
Thank you for the great opportunity to win the Xyron pack.
Hello Claudine !!!
I can't say enough about your products .. i just LOVE them !!!
The Art House studio has got me completely addicted !!
thank-you for sharing a prize with us :)
Xyron is the best!!! Hope to try these runners!
Claudine I have a plan!!! Since xyron is the BEST adhesive can u print my name & use the xyron glue to stick it to the random picker so I can win!! Ok I'm just kidding but it might work rofl. have a great week!!!!
I love Xyron products! Hope to win this!

alvinpickles @
Hi Claudine,

I am a big fan of yours and of course the Xyron products as well!

I would be honored to be the winner of this wonderful GiveAway!!

Thank you Hugs...

Susan :)
that would be so awesome! you are amazing and so are your products. Thanks for the giveaway.... hope the lucky one enjoys!!!!
Yes please!
Oh wow, this looks great! Thanks for the chance to win!
A hundred and thirty-four comments?!?

Hi. I LOVE your second book, and I listened to your interview from a few years ago? with Leslie Riley, and when I heard you say they are allowing your second book to go out of print, I was shocked. It's a GREAT book! So then I put your first book in my barnes and noble shopping cart.

Will your first book go out of print any time soon? I don't think either should.

I've been working in collage for five years or so, and have many books, and few are as usable and instructional as yours.
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