let's have another giveaway
This weekend I was reading Lesley Riley's new book, Fabulous Fabric Art and I thought, let's have a giveaway!!

This is a super book with great projects you can use on Lutadur (the focus surface of the book) or on other surfaces too.

One of my artworks is in this book too!

I am giving away an extra copy so you can enjoy Lesley's book! Just post a comment below and I will pick a winner on Friday night at 6pm EST using the random number generator at Don't forget to include a way for me to get in touch with you when you post your comment!

Thanks for playing!

**** EDITED FRIDAY AT 5:15PM *****
I will draw the winner for the book tomorrow (Saturday) at lunchtime. Sorry for the delay. This has been a crazy week. the good news is - more time to enter!

You can view the winner here! thanks everyone for playing. More giveaways coming up!!


ooh ooh ooh, i want in on the giveaway! thanks so much!

I'd love to win this!!
Oh that would be a great book to own.
thanks so much for doing a giveaway! How fun! :) Blessings!
I have a passion for fabric! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity :)!
With fingers crossed,
If it is anything like your book, it will have a well deserving spot on my table.
I would love to learn more about this art!
I would love yo be included.
Count me in! I would love to win!
I love your sticky back canvas and can't wait to play more with it. It would be great to mix this with fabric. Would love to receive this book. Nancy Lynn
Thank YOU for all your wonderful giveaways. I'd love to be included.
Wendy Burton
hi claudine!
thank you for the generous giveaway opportunity. :)
this book looks like great fun!
:) melissa
This sounds fasinating and i know if you like it it has to be good.I am very curious about this art. Count me in,
This sounds very cool, will have to check out her book!

How could I resist? And I am in the process of finally getting my work room all organized to finally work on some art.
I would love to win Lesley's book, I did a class with her a few years ago when she was in Australia - I just loved what she did with Lutrador then, I am sure she has many more things to do with it now.
I would love to get a peek at this book! Thanks for the opportunity!
Wow, I love the synchronicity of this - signed up for another creative class (your class with SIStv) last weekend turned the creative faucet back on!) and on the list was Lutradur, which I'd never heard of before. Just ordered some from Joggles, and now it's come up again.
Thanks for helping wake me up again, Claudine!
Don't enter me in the drawing (I'm with the publisher) - but I just wanted to thank you for doing a give-away! Let me know if you need anything - and good luck to everyone!! This is indeed a fabulous book - it's one of my personal faves (and I'm not just saying that because I'm paid to!) :-)
I can't wait to see the book. Too bad only one of us can win.
What a fabulous looking book. I would love to be entered, thank you! :) your new products and am especially a fan of the gel medium. So creamy and smells good, too. This book looks like fun and I'd love to pull out some fabric to work on. I still have some of Heather Bailey's fabric from the Inspired Event last year. Glad to have a chance for this give away. Mac
Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!
Wow...I would love a chance to win this fabulous book. Thanks so much for entering me in your giveaway!

Stay Cozy,
It looks like a great book too me, I want to join in.
Oh this book looks fabulous! I'm still hoping to get the sewing machine going. Can thread it now but don't get too far past that.
Count me in for the random drawing! I'm feeling lucky.....

looks like a wonderful book! I'd love to get my hands on that! And I'm hoping to order some of your acrylic paints very soon. I've been loving your blog since I found it a couple weeks ago!
You're very generous, Claudine! Please add my name.
Oh! I'd love to win this :) Thank you for the giveaway!!

Thanks for the chance to win this great book!!! I would love to read this new book!!! :)
I'm one of those people that LOVES LOVES LOVES fabric and collects it BUT can't sew! I would love to see what I can do with the projects in this book! Thanks so much!
I'm just starting to play more with fabric and paint. Would love to win this book! thanks for the giveaway!
Hej Claudine,
Thank you for organizing a give away. I love them because it gives me a chance to find new blogs.

Thanks again.

wao! such a wonderful give away!

thank you! for all the inspiration as well
I'd like to play too, Claudine. It sounds like this is a book you really like!
:-D eirdre
What a fab book, hope I win, thanks for offering it.
i would love a copy of this, as i have a growing fabric stash and need some inspiration!!
Love working with fabrics and this book looks like fun fun fun. Thanks for offering this giveaway!! LindaSonia (
Love Lesley Riley and Lutrador! Thanks for the chance to win!
How fun, would love to win !!!!
Yay for giveaways!
thanks for the chance to looks like a great book.
last minute lynn
Claudine, thanks so much for having the giveaway!

Would love to have this one!!!
i wanted to take a class w/Leslie this past weekend, but I had a prior commitment. I'd absolutely love to win this book! Thanks for the chance :)

cassandra (dot) mozingo at
What a great giveaway!
Hi Claudine - the Lutradur is amazing material to work with and I almost have my Lutradur "book" done that I started at the workshop on Sat. The amazing thing with the material is that I keep forgetting it is material - interfacing material. It is wonderous to work with. Thanks to both you and Lesley for Saturday at Angela's. Your paints are amazing on the material! Marlynn
I am just starting to move into fabric from paper. This would be a great guide. Stephanie
This looks like a great read. Would love to be your winner this week. ~~ Mary Lib
YAY! Sign me up!! I have seen so many cool projects using this material, but not being much of a seamstress I have been a little apprehensive to try. Maybe I need this book to give me an added push to try this cool product.
I scrapbook with paper. I need to start using fabric into my craft projects.
Wow - how cool.

Sharon F.
I would love to have a copy. I sewed for years then got away from it but now the bug has bitten again. Thanks for sharing.
Oooh, I enjoy Leslie's work too! Count me in. Thanks, Claudine!
Great giveaway! Count me in!


Great Give away! I'd love to win! Hey, how is Toby doing anyway? Have I missed an update?
I can't wait to see your work in this!
Wow.. this is sooooooooo cool! I would love to see this.
Hi Claudine, first time to comment on your blog, but I have your first book. Your artwork gives a whole new nuance to "domesticity." Thanks for your wonderful humor!
This book (and your new one) are on my amazon wish list - I can't wait to play with the lutadu! Thanks,,,and hope the furry kids are doing well!
looks like such an interesting book!
Me too, please!
Hi Claudine - Love your work. I am intimidated by fabric and would love this book to get some ideas I could try out. Have a great day. - Rose in Fredericksburg, VA
Ooooh! I'd love to win this! If by some miracle I win you can reach my by leaving a comment on my blog or by sending a convo in etsy: Username: gumballgrenade
What a great sounding book. Maybe I could use some of the leftover fabric scraps I always save "just in case..."
how fabulous! thanks for the chance to win it.
oh pick me, pick me!!!!!!
I was excited to stumble upon your blog. I'm glad there are people out there who still illustrate with pen and ink. Sometimes I feel like I've doomed myself since I'll be receiving my undergraduate degree soon and am in love with a media few people still use. I'm also an English major so I was wondering if you could tell me what sorts of things you have written, since I see 'author' in your profile.
Looks like a fun book! PLUS . . . my name is Leslie and my son's name is Reilly . . . so a book by Lesley Riley seems to be a must-have for me! Hee!! Have a great day! Leslie (
Ooo -- thanks for the opportunity, Claudine! You are always so generous!
Me too please!!! Thanks for doing this. Love your ART.
This book looks great!! I love Lesley Riley and would love this book! Thanks for for this opportunity!
Love Lesley-and with you as a contributor, what a great added bonus!!
i'd love to win this book!
I love to read books for ideas too. Thanks for sharing your extra copy.
all of lesley's work is fabulous...thanks for offering her new book to us! :)
Claudine! So great that you are giving away a copy of Lesley's book! I can't wait to see what you have included in it! Count me in!
I really need to find out more about this Lutradur stuff!! Thanx, Claudine!
I would love a chance to win this book! Thank you!
What fun! A leslie riley book...
sign me up - always appreciate inspiration!
Oh please count me in on the giveaway.
Hi Claudine,

Please enter Me in the Drawing....
I'd love to be the lucky one! Thanks.
Oh yeah! I would love to win. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
Oh that book would be wonderful!

Lutrador sounds like such a fascinating material... I would love to win this book.

larson (at)
I love to work with fabric! New ideas are fun and inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win.
Looks like fun!
Sounds like so much fun - hope to win! Love your whimsical style. Contact is
Would love a shot at this book!
thank you so much !!!!!
Wow, what fun it would be to win this book. Throw my name in the hat, please!!
Please add me to the drawing,
thanks Andee

BTW love the clean look of your blog!
I've been wanting to play with Lutradur for a while now. This would be a great book to learn from
How can I resist this giveaway :-) Lutrador is a wonderful material to play with.
I've seen so many cool projects done with lutradur and yet have never tried it... Keeping my fingers crossed.
I would love a chance to win this book. I would also like to give those paints a try. Will you be in Chicago for the Quilt Festival in April? I watched your video from an earlier post and I have been dreaming of trying the paint ever since.
Woo Hoo, more stuff to try! Please enter my name in the contest.
I would love to win a copy of the book! It looks wonderful.

Thanks for the giveaway!
Ooo, that looks interesting. Love your site.
Thanks for the giveaway!
Count me in - keeping my fingers crossed.
fingers crossed, would love the book!
Just what I need when all my sick body wants is to cuddle up under covers with hot tea and a crafty book.
here I am trying to win again...I purchased two of your paints to try and fell in love with them. they are so rich and creamy and cover so quickly. I now am wanting all of the colors. hopefully my name will come up.
I would love to win Leslie's book.
I would love to win Leslie's book.
Would love to see this book and start experimenting! Love your work Claudine!
Great blog. Just discoverd Lutradur so would love to have Lesley's book. Thanks for the giveaway!
Merrie Jo
Port Angeles, WA
I think this is a book I must have. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win.
Linda Mac
Hi Claudine, Thanks for the chance to win Lesley's book. I took a class of hers, and she's great, and Lutradur is cool. Deb Plapp
Sounds like fun! Lesley's stuff is always great.
Wow what a great blog.......and can't wait to try this sticky canvas!!! sounds great.....please enter me in your
Teddi Munslow
Holy Smokes! I'm number 116?! I guess that will teach me to get to your blog more often, LOL! If I don't win this book soon, I guess I'll just have to break down and buy it, because I can't wait much longer to get my hands on it! ;^)
Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!
I didn't know she had a new book...what a great giveaway.
Wow! Thanks for having a giveaway!
Cool giveaway!! It looks like a great book!
I just got me some of your sticky canvas and am looking for ideas on what to create with it. Am going to be browsing your blog for ideas. :)
I would love to win this! Jamie V in MT
well, hell yes - count me in on the giveaway! Thanks to you both, Claudine and Leslie, for all that you share and teach us!
This book looks GREAT!
Interesting blog layout.
And a giveaway that's enticing.
Thanks for sharing your ideas and products. And the giveaway is a nice bonus - put my name in the hat!

Deb M
I would love to win. I have some lutrador that needs some attention. Linda
Looks like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing.
please enter me into the drawing!

Oh, thank you for the giveaway chance! Looks like a great book! You've been busy!
You can reach me on my blog...don't want to leave an email here and get spam mail!
I am hoping for some great luck here. I have Lutradur and would love the ideas to work with it. I have Leslie's first book and really like her style.
oooh! Will you show what artwork was in the book?
your random number generator MUST pick me! I truly need a special gift this week...I lost my mom lat week and this week has been very rough Claudine. Pick me Random Number Generator...
Very cool Claudine! I would love to win this!! Thanks!

Wendy High
I would love a chance to win Leslie's book. It is on my list to get.
I can't wait to see this book!
Claudine - this book looks awesome. Ohhh - I hope I win! Thanks for this opportunity.

oh oh. This book looks interesting... count me in!
I love Lesley Riley's book on memory quilts--would love to add this one to my bookshelf. Thanks for the chance to win one!
This is a wonderful consolation prize for missing both of you in Reston last week. I hope I win!
nice giveaway! xox tanya
Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. I loved Lesley's first one.

D in FL :D
donatelloh at hot mail dot com
a vbook? about fabric? A giveaway? SO perfect! Tks, Claudinne! or twitter cavellucci (following you)
Thank YOU for all your wonderful giveaways. I'd love to be included.
Gisha Wogier, Kefar Yona, Israel
Thank YOU for all your wonderful giveaways. I'd love to be included.
Gisha Wogier, Kefar Yona, Israel this would be quite a present! I'd love to own it...ty for entering me. Cher
wow... that's terrific of you... i just started working with canvas after one of my scrapbooking class introduced the technique... must admit.. went out right after and got a few of your colors, the canvas pack and those brushes!! loving it!
The book looks really inspiring :-) Thanks for sharing all your creatiave ideas with us - love to read your blog! Sandra
Hi Claudine,
WOULD be GREAT to win it, i love Lesley AND fabric stuff.
PS Your mom is so cute on Mr. Universe's shoulder...
count me in!!! I would looooove to win the book. Then I will have to search for the Lustradur.....
Hi Claudine, the book would be wonderful compensation for missing your workshop in Bonita Springs -- I shall be in Naples, Fl, in April, so near yet so far!!
your work is so unique and thanks for thinking of us for your extra copy of this book
That's very nice of you do this giveaway. Please count me in!
Hi Claudine, I love your collage work and now I can visit your blog to see it more often! I'm a new blogger too so I'm looking at blogs like crazy! I've had Lutradur for a long time but need to learn how to use it to advantage, I'd love to win the book by Leslie Riley, she is amazing. If I win you can reach me by posting on my blog: or by email, Kindest regards, keep on making lovely eye candy! Debbie Bein
Claudine, you've always been an inspiration to me. I own all your books and now I'd love to have a chance to win Fabric Art with Lutrador. I've read so much about Lutrador but have never seen it let alone used it! Thanks!
How generous of you to give away the book. Thanks! I'd love to try this technique. Diane
looks like an awesome book !!

as always, your generosity is appreciated :)
Here it goes crossing my fingers and thinking of the random number, Closing and eyes and clicking my my heels. Wishing come home to me!
I don't see anything you've done with Lutradur on your website (though the sticky back canvas pieces are certainly enticing)! Will we see anything her with Lutradur?
I have some lutrador and would love to have more information about using it. I have seen some quilts that I think have used it and like the versatility of the product.
Oooh, ooooh, another book to add to my library! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
This is a great prize! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Claudine, can't wait to see this new book!!
thanks, Janey
Claudine, I would love to have a copy of this book for my crafty library! Thanks for the generosity.
THis book is still on my wish list but it is so much more fun to win.
This book sounds wonderful. Throw my name in please. toni
Love both your work and Lesley's. Thanks for the give away opportunity. Deborah Guthrie
Would love to win this book!
Oh what a lovely give away! I dont think I have seen this in the uk yet
Nikie x
Thanks for offering this book! Looks like many people want to win!
Thanks so much much for the chance to win this super book! Count me in please!

rrdianic at gmail dot com

I want this book so badly so I can do some stuff with your stuff. winkwink

Aimeslee W.
I would love to win! Just ran across your blog -- it is great!

I love Lesley Riley's books - I have a couple of them. Would love the Lutraur Book.

I would love this book in my reference library. :) Thanks for the giveaway.
I love your blog!
Darcy Berg
Count me in on the possibility
of winning this giveaway.

Lori Hutchinson
Would love to receive this book...I've heard such great things about it.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Leslie is a wonderful 'art instigator' - would love to win her book
That's so cool, I'd love the chance to win. Please enter me too.
Thanks for having this giveaway Claudine, would love to win the book as I love lutrdur and Leslie Riley. enjoy your blog and thanks for keepin git fresh and fun. Peggy
Hi There,
Iam loving your products!
Of course your style too!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Love your artwork. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your new products and using them.
Aloha, Kate
I could use a revolution in my craft experience. Sounds like a wild time.
Pick me! Pick me! (waving arm frantically from the back row)
Oooo what I wouldn't do to get myself to Vermont to get your new book signed by you!!! I'm loving the new sticky back canvas and am on my way to the entire collection of paints. Such great fun to play again.
i love creating with fabric...such a fun mix with paper!! thanks for the generous giveaway!!!
Awesome...thanks for a chance to win!
What a fantastic looking book!

Would the inspiration that this book would give!
Your new product line looks great I can't wait to try your canvas sticky back!

WOW...what a lot of oomments posted so little chance of winning the book. But, thanks for the heads up about it....

oh thank you... how fun!
Wish I could have taken your class this past weekend!
Fingers crossed - i live just north of you in Silver spring, md - i'll come and get it - you do not even have to mail it!
thanks, Claudine, you are so generous. Penny
Oh wow love this book...hope I win!!
what an exciting looking book, and so generous of you to be giving one away. Good luck everyone!
thanks for giving us all chance to participate.. c'mon random number generator.. stop on my number
Hi Claudine,
This books looks gorgeuos. Thanks for this great give away!
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