update on stanley
I took Stan to the Vet Cardiologist this morning. What an amazing facility! I have seen Dr's offices that are not this nice. The staff there is wonderful and so friendly. They have a cardiac ward, oncology and ophthalmology as well as Emergency. They have even thought of so many wonderful things like having a comfy blanket on the scale etc.

I went with Stan and the Dr into a little room where they did the echocardiogram. Just like on humans they used a non toxic ultrasound gel, which Stan wasn't all that happy about and spent a long time licking off later (Mabel helped clean up Stan too!)

The Dr went over the results with me and it wasn't what we had hoped. He does have heart disease, specifically Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomypathy. Apparently cats can get this type of heart disease and it usually onsets at age 2-4. He's on the young end at only two but we are hoping that will be in his favor and his youthful energy will help him rebound. He's already had some hardening in this heart muscle and we are going to try to reverse it with beta blockers. Some cats respond well to the beta blockers and can have a good life with medication. Others have a genetic predisposition to an aggressive form the disease and the medicine won't do much to help. We will find out in 3 months when I take Stan back for another echocardiogram if his heart is reacting well to the beta blockers. What a happy day that will be if that is the case!!

In all this sadness and worry there are things I am thankful for. I am so thankful that we caught this early. I am thankful that he has the kind of heart disease that has a possible chance of treatment, I am so thankful that there is amazing facility near by with wonderful Drs. to help us. So there is lots to be positive about!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes!!! They are so appreciated!!


Wishing you and Stanley the best of luck!!
Its a small world after all...I lived in Alexandria (VA) for over ten years; moving away in 2002. While my husband and I lived there our black lab Sophie was diagnosed with heart problems - she was 7. We went to the same cardiologist...Sophie got a pacemaker! We skipped vacation that year... Well worth it since she lived to be 14! And she totally enjoyed our new digs in San Diego...then back east to DE. Wishing Stanley all the best; he is in good hands!
Fingers crossed that the meds work. And good you caught it early!
Hope he does well. Sounds like a really good place that cares a lot about animals. He's even getting TLC from Mabel, all that lovin' has to help as a healer :)
I had a kitty that got thyroid disease at about 12-13 years of age. I gave her a portion of a pill until she passed from cancer at 16. I hope you have success giving Stanley his meds.
So sorry to hear about Stan, but at least you have hope and that is a very good thing. Send best wishes that his treatment will be successful. Miss Beula sends her best wishes too.
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my cat, belle has HCM. she was diagnosed close to stanley's age as well that was 9/2/2004. she takes atenolol which took her murmur from a 2/3 to a 0. she is stable with no thickening. it is scary and i can so relate! there is a feline cardiomyopathy yahoo group that is very helpful for information and support:
{furry hugs} for Stanley. I'm glad you caught it early. And I'm looking forward to the positive report in 3 months.
hugs to you and stan. it is so hard when our furry family members are sick! i pray that the medicine will work! oh! and happy birthday!!
Sorry that it wasn't the kind of news you hoped for, but happy that it is something that you can help him overcome. Here's to Stan and his medicine and a long feline life!
Feeling better Stanley, you big cutey! We are rooting for ya!
My well wishes go out to you and your family for Stanley's quick recovery. I have two of my own, and I know how heart-wrenching it can be to have a sick pet.
My well wishes go out to you and your family for Stanley's quick recovery. I have two of my own, and I know how heart-wrenching it can be to have a sick pet.
i'm so sorry you didn't hear the news you wanted to hear. i know how this must wring your heart, as my kitty is like my second born. i hope you hear good new at the next dr. visit!
hugs to you!
I'm sorry you didn't get the good news you were hoping for. I will keep Stanley in my prayers that the medication works for him and that he lives a good, long life.
Sorry to hear about Stanley - I hope he responds to the medication.

I've also had a cat with a heart condition (diaphragmatic hernia). Our closest kitty cardiologist was a 3 hour drive away ... but we still took my boy for a consult. Anyway, he lived way longer than predicted and had a good life so i'm hoping the same will happen for Stanley.
What a blessing indeed to have found such wonderful doctors! Best wishes and prayers to you and Stanley.
Oh, Claudine. My heart goes out to you and your baby Stan. I know how stressful is can be when one of your beloveds is not well. I had a cardiogram done on my dog Lily a couple of months ago. I'll keep your heart and Stanley's in my prayers that the beta blockers will work and he'll have a nice long life! Let us know the good results from his next test:)
I'm sorry to hear this. I will hold out positive thoughts for him. He has the most beautiful golden eyes!
We are all thinking good thoughts for Stanley.
My best and warmest wishes to Mr. Stan. I know how hard it is to have a sick kitty. I also know how comforting it is to have a good clinic nearby! I am lucky to live a mil away from the North Carolina State University vet school. They were also an impressive facility and so helpful with my cancer patient. They even had a grief counselor for me!

Get well soon, Stan!
Oh Claudine, so sad to hear this. Sending good thoughts to you + Stanley. BIG hugs!!!!
Hopefully Stanley responds well to the medication!
Stanley is so lucky to have you to take care of him!!
My cat Peaches had this Claudine, but we never knew it. I learned later from a friend that it seems to be more common in tabby cats. Peaches was a tabby too.
My sweet kitty, Sophie the Cat & I are sending lots of positive energy & good vibes to Stanley & his heart...and to you, too. Lots of good kitty wishes!
aka Kitten
Claudine, best of luck with Stanley! He's such a cutie. I'm enjoying your blog. Best to you in 2009.
- Holly Knott, Diane's daughter
Aw your Stanley is so beautiful and I am really sad to read he has a murmer - I so hope that he responds to the treatment and the report in 3 months will be positive for him...sending lots of cuddles for him and my cat Alfie sends a massive purr too xx
Have you heard of Protocel- Formula 23 for Kitties? It's a nat'l supplement many cancer patients use(my hubby w/lung cancer), it also heals so many other things.
Don't know if it would heal the heart, but it would help, and it can be taken w/ meds. Renewal and Wellness(.com) makes it, and they are very nice to talk to to ask questions.Many heart patients heal. We heard about it from a friend of hubby's sister, who's almost all healed.
:) Lydia
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