ornament + gift tag tutorial
I have one last tutorial for the holidays! This one is a quick gift tag + ornament. Perfect to add to your handmade presents and your recipient can also display the ornament on their tree!


Stamp Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi Medium onto StickyBack Canvas using a foam stamp.

Add water to Modern Red paint, creating a watery "tea stain" mixture. Brush over your stamped canvas, revealing the image below.

Cut the sticky back into two pieces and face them so that wrong sides are together.

Run the Sticky pieces through the die cutter. Here I used Sizzix "Bird with Vine" die # 655541. If you are only making 1 or 2, You could also freehand cut your bird. But using a die is great when you plan to make a lot!

Remove the paper backing from on side of the bird and place a small amount of batting onto the sticky adhesive

Remove the paper backing from the other bird and then sandwich the two birdies together

Before you seal everything up. Slip in a little ribbon on the top of the bird. Stan kept grabbing my ribbon away!

Sometimes you need to reinforce the edges by gluing with a little Multi Medium, especially if you used a little extra batting.

Repeat the resist technique on another piece of Sticky Back canvas, this time using Classic Teal paint. Cut out shapes for wings. Then remove the paper backing and stick the wings on your birdie.

Cut two "word bubble shapes" and stamp words on them using Archival Jet black ink and letter stamps (HeroArts) Here I've also added some black pen dotted lines and a Gemstone as an eye.

Sandwich the two word bubbles sticky sides together, then open the beak to add it to your ornament

Add to your present for a unique gift tag + ornament! Happy Holidays!!

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Seriously, that is too sweet for words.
Stanley's paw!! Oh my gosh, that's the sweetest thing I have seen in so long!! My heart is melting!
Love the little bird...and the photo of Stan having some ribbon fun.
what a great use for the sticky back projects are wonderful!! thanks for sharing this with us! (and, i got such a kick out of stan's paw on that ribbon...he's such a cutie!).
How adorable....and I love that pic with the paw!!
So cute! How nice of Stan to help you. Where would us humans be without kitty helpers?
Aww, this is gorgeous Cluadine, I just love it. Love the paw as well! I'll be linking.
You gotta love a good little helper. LOL We have 5 helpers around here. They cannot be convinced otherwise.
I love the cute bird tag Claudine, and that is just too funny about Stan "lending a paw" to help, hehe :)
my favorite picture is of Stan's paw! Oliver, my kitty, does the same thing...its cute for a while, but he sure does get nosy!
How about teaching Boo to be an artist when you come home. He loves to use his paws

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