metallic paint dabber transfer technique
At CHA I demoed a new transfer technique that I discovered using the Ranger Adirondack Acrylic Paint dabbers in metallic colors. The video demo was just uploaded to YouTube so now you can see! here you go!

Products used in demo:
Adirondack Acrylic Paint dabbers
Craft Scraper
Mini Mister

Thank you to Robin for the video editing!


Woohoooo! What a great technique!
Thanks for posting :-)

great demo! tfs, howp your feeling better!
Love this technique! Will be perfect for non-paper projects as well!

This is wonderful and looks easy, too. I'd write more, but I have to go try it right NOW!
that was great !! thanks so much for sharing. I take it that was just water in your mini mister ??
This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!
This is very exciting. Thank for showing and telling.
Hello Claudine,

Thanks a lot for your sharing. I'm gonna watch for this product in my art store here in Montreal.
Hope you are feeling better now.

you're a frickin' genius!!!
Hey Claudine: When I try to view I get a message: We're sorry, this is no longer available.

How did that happen?
it's there! I think YouTube is having a hiccup. Maybe try again in a couple minutes. :)
Thanks for the demonstration! Must try that!
Well, I am going upstairs to my studio right now and tryin this...thank you! Feel better!
LOVE this I just have to source out some Ranger paint daubers!!!
Thank you so much for this... you saved my bacon and made me believe that I too, could transfer an image successfully without going shopping for gel mediums and such. I am now your most devoted fan!! Here's what you inspired:
genius, absolutely genius claudine! thanks for sharing the technique. hugs, rachel
what a great new are the queen of transferring...I totally adore all of your work.
you inspire me SO much c!
You know after watching this the first time I walked into my studio and tried this technique with the metallics offered by American Traditions and this process works with them as well, but the transfer wasn't quite as vibrant as yours was - it could've been the ink on the paper though. Thanks for the technique how to darling.
What a great idea - I have used the packing tape technique and was a bit fed up of reading that to transfer you had to use expensive gel medium so thanks for demonstrating the use of relatively cheap acrylic to experiment.
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