illustration friday: leap
Here's my submission for this weeks' Illustration Friday theme of "leap"

I have been feeling little burnt out lately and wanted to try something new, so this is a first animation for me using my drawings. When I started the project this afternoon,
I wanted to make a little flip book to animate the drawings but then I couldn't figure out how to show them on my blog. So I scanned in the drawings and played with Windows Movie Maker. Fun fun fun!!

Keep in mind it is a very short and very rudimentary animation but I had fun doing it!!

I am off to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is Orlando's JDRF Walk for the Cure. And we are walking in honor of my 7 year old niece Maiya (diagnosed with Type 1 at age 4). I have to get up and ready by 7am!!!! That is very early for me!

nighty night!

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fun little project - easy dry erase board
Today along with other work I was getting done -- I had a little play time..... I created this little guy using the Style Phyle kit from Scrap in Style TV.

In the kit there was this little yellow envelope with plastic on both sides. At first I
wasn't sure what I was going to do with it... but then I started playing around.

I started layering a collage inside the yellow plastic window and then I thought it would be fun to use dry erase markers to create different doodles on the window. It's easy to remove doodles and start again, and again! The book that came with the kit was
The Doodle Formula by Adrienne Looman which got me thinking about doodling and how I could doodle on this project!

To cover up the yellow plastic on the ends and make a cute border I used the houndstooth gaffers tape in the kit. This tape is great. I think many things in my house will soon be covered in it.

Here are the rest of my Dry Erase Marker doodles:

I am hanging this little guy on my fridge to make more doodles!


project runway
I am looking forward to tonight's episode of Project Runway. Who do you think it will be -- Rami or Chris???

Part of me thinks it could be Rami as the winner to go to the final 3. But then then if he comes up with his normal style of (beautiful and amazing!!!) dresses the judges will say that is predicable and boring.

I am a fan of both Chris and Rami so I will be sad to see either one of them go. I think it's going to be a great episode!!!

SPOILER ALERT: see the final collections (including Sweet Pea's) on here!

EDITED 12:15am
I am glad Rami is in but now I feel sad for Chris!

Sweet pea is in the collection because Fashion week was at the time when she was still on the show -- so she had to do a whole collection and appear at fashion week so no one would figure it out.


sleepy tuesday
I am all worn out after today. I worked on custom artwork orders, book #3, sent and answered tons of email, booked my hotel for my Michigan workshop, drove to the PO Box to check for mail, had a long phone chat with Carmi and now I am tired!


I am going to get all cozy and then watch Madame Tutli-Putli on Netflix! I can hardly wait, this little stop motion movie looks wonderful! Here's a photo of Stan asleep in front of the monitor. He loves to sleep on the desk ..... shhhhh..... he's snoring right now!

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monday already!
Today was a busy day! More catching up, running errands, unpacking and then working on book #3.

I can't reveal yet all the details about book 3 except to say it will be different from my other books. This one isn't technique oriented -- it more of an inspirational jump start type book for scrapbookers, journalers and artists. I will give you a hint just for my blog readers because I love you so much. OK ready for the hint ... if you have enjoyed my quick collage podcasts you will like this new book! It will be out in the Fall, so not long to go!


catching up
I am home and catching up on work that piled up while I was away. I spent all day working on my 3rd book. This one has a lot of contributors so it take lots of organizing to make sure I have everything in order!

I did find something exciting online. Just this last weekend at my workshop in Bonita Springs, I was saying "wouldn't it be cool if there was a way we could print our own rub-ons" well wouldn't you know there IS!!!! I just found out about Grafix Arts Translucent Vellum, which apparently you can print your own rub-ons from your inkjet printer. Thanks to CraftNotes Blog for mentioning this!
I can't wait to try this out!

Now I wonder, will I have to go to Michael's Craft Store to get it????


almost home!
I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of my workshop and this time tomorrow I'll be driving home!

These last two days have been great! We've been having so much fun in this 3 day beeswax class. Yesterday we used up the most amount amount of beeswax that I have ever used in one day of teaching. We used up 20lbs of wax!!! Which was just about everything that I brought with me because usually we only use 5lbs in one day. ut oh!!

So last night Mom and I went on an odyssey in search of beeswax. There are only two Michael's Craft Stores near Bonita Springs. One in Ft Myers (about 25 miles one way) then there is one in Naples (about 10 miles one way). So let's just say after driving a total of 60 miles I have now bought up all the beeswax between Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida.

Going to one Michael's was bad enough but two in one night really pushed my patience. Why is it every single Michael's employee must be grumpy and unhelpful? When we couldn't find any more beeswax at the first Michael's, Mom ran off to ask someone if they had more. I told her not to bother because they will only say "if it's not on the shelf we don't have it". As soon as she came back I asked her what they said and she said "if
it's not on the shelf we don't have it" LOL!! I KNEW IT!!

I think we have secured enough beeswax for tomorrow so that is good!

Tonight a few of us from the class all went out to dinner! Thanks to Teresa for organizing it all. So sweet! I sat next to Beverly who is showing her work at Gasparilla Art Festival next weekend!

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we're here
Mom and I made it to Bonita Springs late this afternoon, then we stopped by the Art Center to drop off all my stuff for the class, and put down all the extension cords for all the hot irons for the beeswax. That part always takes forever so I was so glad to get it out of the way tonight so that way it's ready in the morning.

We love our hotel, we got a nice new renovated room, that is actually a 2 bedroom suite. We keep exclaiming how much we like it and now we're already worried about where we'll stay when mom comes with me for my workshop in Alpena Michigan in May!

I'm off to bed, it's an early start tomorrow!

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south florida here i come!
I'm off tomorrow to teach a 3 day workshop in Bonita Springs at the Art League of Bonita Springs. If you missed this one, I'll be back next year so watch my calendar for a 2009 date! See you from the road!!

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not much exciting to report
Just a regular old weekend here at the Hellmuth/Lester household. I have been running errands and getting things ready for my Bonita Springs workshop.

I leave on Tuesday morning so only one more day left to get things ready. I went to Kinkos and copied my workshop booklets, ran around, cleaned the house, gave Toby a hair cut, did the laundry.... so now all I have to do tomorrow is run to the vet to pick up more eye medicine for Toby and then pack up all the supplies into my suitcases. This is an easy trip because it's only about a 4 hour drive and my Mom is coming with me! It will be so nice to have her along with me!

A couple books I have been reading this weekend and am taking with me to read while I am away: I'd Rather Be in the Studio by Alyson Stanfield (loving it!) and The Doodle Formula by Adrienne Looman (super fun!!)

Breaking Bad is on, so I am off to enjoy the show, then I am going to try to get to bed early. I need to get on East coast time, so I won't be a zombie for this workshop!


2008 workshops
I am still recovering from CHA. It has been so hard to wake up and feel alert. I spent most of today in my PJs preparing things for my workshop I am teaching next week in Bonita Springs. Speaking of workshops, I have only a handful this year so sign up early while spaces are still available!

Here's my workshop schedule as it stands right now: I'll be in Bonita Springs next week (sold out), then after that it's off to Donna Downey's amazing Inspired Event in April in NC where I'll be teaching with Kal and Christina and other inspiring ladies! Then I'll head onto Alpena Michigan in May and then Sedona AZ in October! Check my workshop page on my web site for more details.


just got home!
I just got home. A very crowded flight with only one toilet working in the back. No in-flight video so thankfully I had my ipod. I watched both episodes of Breaking Bad. What a great show, very dark but very good. Now I have to program my DVR to get the rest of the episodes.

I had some famous people on my flight too!! And just after Carmi and I talked about how when flying to/from LA you never know who will be on your flight! Amy Smart was on there and then I believe Jeff Corwin was too. Everyone was talking about him but I didn't see him myself. I did see Amy in first class as I was getting on the plane and then she was also in the same tram as me on the way to baggage claim. I couldn't work up the nerve to say hi to her though. I didn't want to sound like an idiot so I just kept my mouth shut.

I am exhausted so I am off to relax and get ready for Project Runway!


heading home!
I am sitting at LAX waiting for my flight back to Orlando, it seems like it was just a few hours ago that I was sitting here on my way in!

I got to the airport really early because I was worried about traffic from Anaheim to LAX. But that's OK. I'd rather be here early, gives me time to check email so I won't have so much when I get home tonight.

These last few days FLEW by. So much going on in such a short span of time. I have a stack of business cards and thank you emails to write! I am downloading some more This American Life episodes to my ipod so I can have some decent in flight entertainment.

Once I get home I only have a few days and then I head to Bonita Springs on Tuesday to teach at the Art League of Bonita Springs. I will be busy!! See you soon!

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Another busy day at the show today! I was at the Ranger booth demoing Beeswax techniques which was a lot of fun! Here's a pic of me and Carmi at the Ranger booth!

Then I finally got to walk the show and made it over to see the Creative Catalyst booth in the new exhibitors section. It was great to catch up with them and they even had previews of my dvds on a loop! So fun! Here's me with Jim the owner of Creative Catalyst. I was looking away so it's not a great photo.

Then it was off to the F+W booth for a book signing, we ran through all the books in the first 10 minutes so then I spent the rest of the time demoing techniques.

I got to meet Teresa Collins, she had some very cool rings at the show that you can add your artwork to. I can't wait to buy a pack of those! I also got to see Ali Edwards, and Donna Downey but only for a second! I was so excited to meet Amy Tangerine and she gave me one of her super cute T shirts. Yay! now I have a new shirt!

Tonight Carmi and I had dinner with Bernie and Betz White and then we came back to the room to relax. What a long day! Carmi and I spent about 45 minutes just trying to get a decent internet connection and then we finally relented and are just doing dial up it's actually faster than the wireless connection.

Here's one last photo of the When Creativity Knocks filming at the OTT Lite booth from yesterday. That's me with the hosts, Ana and Megan Araujo.

There are still so many booths that I want to try to get to see and tomorrow is my last day!

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Today was a crazy busy day! I demoed at the Ranger booth from 9am-noon then rushed over to the OTT Lite booth for a filming of a short craft segment for the new internet TV show called When Creativity Knocks. Then I raced over to the F+W booth to sign my books and do another demo.

After that I was done for the day and it was almost 4pm and I hadn't eaten anything (no time to eat Mom really!) and I was about to pass out! I am now back in my hotel room resting and then I'll be going to the F+W authors dinner. It's always fun to chit chat to the other authors, most of them are all my friends already anyway! So I am excited about that!

Carmi took some photos today but I didn't so as soon as I get those off her camera I'll upload them. I am on a spotty internet connection here because I refuse to pay $15 a day for internet, so I am using a free connection that only works when it feels like it. Get what you pay for right!

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i'm here!
I am sitting in the LAX baggage claim right now waiting for Carmi's flight to come in. My flight got in about an hour ago so I thought I would get caught up on email.

My flight was pretty good! I had a whole row to myself so I could stretch out and try to sleep. There was a guy coughing behind me about every 30 seconds which made sleep difficult. Just when I thought he was going to stop coughing he would start up again. So then I started to anticipate his next cough which was more annoying than the actual coughing. I even tried giving him some gum to try to help, but it didn't work.

I used my ipod that I got for my birthday for the first time and I turned the volume up nice and loud to drown out his coughing. Now that I have figured out how to scroll on the wheel, I am loving it. I feel so hip and up-to-date using it! I downloaded a bunch of This American Life episodes (radio + one of the TV ones) and listened to those almost the whole way over. I also downloaded the new AMC series Breaking Bad which looks really good. I am saving that for the flight home.

Carmi's almost here so now we'll take the Super Shuttle to Anaheim and then collapse!

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i'm not ready but here i come!
Tomorrow morning at about 4:30am I'll be leaving the house to head to the airport for CHA.

The last two days I have barely looked up -- working on this last minute illustration job. It's an exciting job for an ad agency that works with pharmaceutical companies. If the pitch gets picked then it will go on to be a much bigger campaign and more work for me! Keeping my fingers crossed there!

So of course I am now not ready at all. All the time that I thought I would have to carefully select clothes and art supplies is gone! Now I am just dumping things in a suitcase and hoping for the best!

I'll be bringing my lap top and will blog from the road when I can! I hope to even take a little video to share with you guys! See you soon!

PS. I did take a break to watch Project Runway. Ricki's design did look more like a swimsuit, but Sweet Pea is skating on thin ice. I am betting she'll go next week. I was so glad Chris won something. I like him!


busy! busy!
I've been super busy today getting ready for CHA. Then out of the blue I got an illustration job for a pharmaceutical company so I am racing around getting that done before I leave Friday too! Yay!!
Craft & Hobby Association convention
I am getting ready to head to The Craft and Hobby Association convention this Friday in Anaheim CA. I thought I would post my schedule in case any of you will be there! I would love for you to stop by and say hi!! Please, please stop by! I hate demoing when I am all by myself :)

Sunday Feb 10th
9am-12:00pm - Ranger Industries Booth - demoing mixed media backgrounds & a new transfer tech that I invented just this week!!
12:30 - 1pm - OTT Lite booth - When Creativity Knocks filming
1:30-3:00pm - F + W publications - book signing and demo ONE FREE book to each person. LIMITED quantities!

Monday Feb 11th
9am-12:30pm - Ranger Industries Booth - demoing beeswax collage
3pm-4:30pm - F + W publications - book signing and demo ONE FREE book to each person. LIMITED quantities!

Tuesday Feb 12th
9am-12:30pm - Ranger Industries Booth - demoing mixed media backgrounds & a new transfer technique
4:30-5:30pm - F + W publications - book signing and demo ONE FREE book to each person. LIMITED quantities!

Hope to see you there!


hello mr. robin!
Yesterday was supposed to be all about cleaning the house, making Super Bowl snacks and maybe even working in a trip to the mall for some new clothes --- but all of my Sunday plans went out the window when I found this little guy!

I was walking Toby on my way to feed our neighbor's coy fish when I noticed a little Robin hopping around in the grass, he didn't try to fly away when I approached him and his beak was open at an awkward angle. He never seemed to close his beak which seemed strange to me. As soon as I saw his beak open like that, I knew there was something wrong.

So I brought Toby home,then grabbed a box a towel and some gloves. I waited 15 minutes because I wanted to see if maybe he was just startled by Toby and that's why he didn't fly away.

Sure enough he was still there with his beak open, when I went back and so I scooped him up and put him in the box with the towel.

Luckily for Mr Robin, there is a wonderful woman, Ann Young (aka the bird lady) who lives about 45 minutes away from us. She has made it it her life's work to rescue injured song birds. Her entire house has been changed into a bird Emergency room and she does all this work on donations alone. In 2006 we brought a baby mockingbird to her. She is amazing.

So I rushed Mr Robin off to Ann's house. When I got there she took him into her arms and pronounced his beak broken. Then I burst into tears. I was so upset! I didn't want anything bad to happen to Mr Robin. Ann promised me that she is going to help this little guy fight and he will be OK. She gave him some special injured bird food because he hadn't eaten in days. Poor little guy!

After that, I had to leave because other people were coming in so I left Ann a donation check dedicated to my little Robin and said a tearful good-bye. I am going to check up on him in a few days. I hope he's going to make it!

Ann (no web site) is an amazing woman who dedicates every spare minute to taking care of birds so that they can be rehabilitated and released -- an incredible person who looks after God's creatures like my friend Bernie. We need more people like this in the world.
let's make some puppets!
Happy Friday! I posted up a little PoppetĀ® Puppet tutorial on the Scrap In Style TV web site forums. Click here for a quick, fun little lesson, how to make a paper doll puppet with a moving mouth!! Fun for the whole family! I did this project with my 7 year old nephew a few years ago and he loved it!Here's a little animation of what the final project looks like... that's me as a little girl!
OK go here for full instructions! Have fun!!!


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