this just finished...
Spent the day working on custom artwork orders. Here's one of a sweet family on a picnic that I just finished up and it's all ready to go to its new happy home!

(click image to enlarge)
Other than work , I did exciting things like laundry and cleaning out the clothes dryer exhaust of lint. I saw a show on the DIY channel where they talked about what a big fire hazard lint is. Of course then it made me paranoid so I had to clean ours to shut up my brain from worrying!

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Oh, I love this! It's fun to see so many faces on one piece. And they all look so happy to be picnicing with each other! One big cute happy family!
I also love this picture, they all look so happy. I also clean out my lint exhaust monthly so I dont have a fire.....have you heard anything from Martha yet...
looks like such a fun family!
Love the piece - and can relate to the lint paranoia - especially since I had a friend whose house burned down due to lint. Two answers - dry on a line outside or...don't do laundry!!!
Hi Claudine, your works are simply gorgeouses!! I've talked about you and your blog on my blog.
hugs from Italy
I love this one, Claudine. And good luck with the Martha Stewart thing! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!
wow.. i like your artworks.. your collage.. wonderful work..
Nice to meet you!..
saludos de lunara..! (warm regards)
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