Harry Potter!
Tonight's the big night when the final Harry Potter book is released!

I don't plan to go to the midnight release, I'll get my book tomorrow.

Two reasons I am not going tonight: 1) if I get the book at midnight I will stay up all night reading it, 2) I have heard nasty people shout out spoilers when you leave the bookstore.

If you do go tonight, Newsweek magazine suggests wearing headphones and turning the volume up while you wait in line and as you leave the store. So then you can't hear people if they shout of any spoilers. Apparently in the back of the book JK Rowling writes about what happens to everyone later in their lives. So it would be easy to look and then tell people if you wanted to be a meany. I am going to have a REALLY hard time not looking myself. I have been known to race to the back of a book to find out what happens. We'll see how much self control I have!

I found this fun quiz, you can be sorted by the sorting hat and find out which house you are in. I'm a Ravenclaw!

Also my husband worked really hard on this Harry Potter section of the It's even got a flash player where you can catch up on what happened in all the other books! Handy!! Quizzes too if you are bored at work!


Toby is a perfect Harry Potter. Enjoy the book. I promise not to call all day.
I love Harry Potter!
i just finished reading the 6th book in preparation for the new one and i cried (again) at the end. i'm super excited for the new book! yay! i can't believe that people are yelling out spoilers! that's awful!
Aww, Toby is an adorable Harry Potter! I am so looking forward to this book. I have been re-reading book 6 today as a refresher...Usually when I'm reading the latest book, my hubby sits nearby and continuously asks me what's happening, which drives me crazy! This weekend he went I can read without that! He doesn't read the books, which makes me nuts. But he loves the movies!!! Did you see the Order of the Phoenix?
This is the funniest photo! I love it!
Wow, Paul! I had no idea you were so web savvy - neat!!!

Claudine, you've got to email me the spoilers once you know them. I'm dying to find out - I haven't read the books, but am definitely curious to know how this final book ends.
Oh great- my dogs saw Toby and now they want Harry glasses, too!
Aww, Toby is an adorable Harry Potter! So cute!!!!
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