all done!
I stayed up late last night finishing Harry Potter.

I am sad the series is over but I think JK Rowling did a good job of wrapping it up. A bit schmaltzy at the end but I lapped it up. I didn't mind a little schmaltz, these books are pure entertainment! Now it's over I feel listless.

Paul has to hurry up and read it so then we can discuss. The whole time while he was reading the last book, I kept interrupting him and asking him what part he was at. Drove him nuts!

Back to work for me! see you later!


Mabel cracks me up! She is one relaxed kitty, no uptight issues for her! Tee Hee!
I thought I was the only artist not sleeping because of Harry Potter! What a relief!!!!

PS: I love your art! and your books, I've learned a lot from them! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Awwww, is that the cutest picture of Mabel ever? I think so! I need to call a kitty over to my lap for some snuggling now...("Tilly! Tilly!")
Great picture!
Was there drool involved? :)
so cute!
we are huge fans here!
my 14 year old is a fanatic!
she read #7 in 36 hours & her 12 year old sister read the whole book in 1 day...that was after re-reading book 5&6 the four days prior!!
they were hysterical checkign where each other were. i had to ask them the end....loved it!
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