it's there!
The package that I sent to the Martha Stewart producer is there! Yipes! I am nervous, will they like it? What will they think? Did everything arrive in perfect shape? Will it go OK? Taking deep breaths it all works out!!

PS anyone else watching Hey Paula???


Claudine!! I am so very excited for you!!!! I was actually wondering when I was going to see you on Martha--I knew it was only a matter of time.

I know they will just love what you sent!


I am so excited for you...I would be just hot with anticipation....when will they get back to you??? Do you know??
Claudine: It's going to be great! You on Martha's show...I can't wait!

I saw Hey Paula and I wasn't impressed. She seems really obnoxious. The only reason I watched it was to see if someone I knew was producing it because he had been involved in talks with her three years back about a show. After watching it, I was glad to see he wasn't!
Awe, Claudine! I know those nerves all too well. Martha's peeps will LOVE you. Karen and I are crossing our fingers for you and sending you lots of good luck wishes.
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It will DEFINITELY all work out...can't wait to see you on the show and save it on the DVR for posterity !!
Martha = So excited! I can see a full feature story in your near future :-)

Paula = er, um. Not so excited about this one. I couldn't even get through the first episode...I had to change the channel. Straight up, now!
how exciting!!! keeping my fingers crossed for you!
I know Martha's "people" will adore your artwork. Who doesn't?
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