lookie what I got!
In my quest to become a better "accessorizer" (because I am lazy, normally the only jewelry I wear is my wedding ring). I bought this necklace from here.

It's on its way to me! Can't wait!


Great piece. My friends call me the accesory queen, so feel free to call on me anytime for advice. Even my 2 year old daughter has bracelets etc.
Cool blog! I clicked on you from the SIS website...Your work is so unique! No wonder your a Fashionista girl!
don't you just love jessica's stuff? i almost bought one myself at the orange house fair... but i didn't sell enough to buy. though next time i see her at the fair, i'm gonna get one for sure!!!
That's so pretty! Kinda reminds me of some paper I bought that I really love... I think I'm finally being inspired to create something, I should always just click on your blog when I need to find some mojo :D .
I LOVE her stuff and that necklace is so cool! I am glad she's finally getting some recognition...she was in Mary Engelbreit's mag recently.
Accessorizing is so much fun ! I am always on the lookout for new pendants and bracelets. I'm basically a costume jewelry gal and there is so much great, affordable and beautiful stuff out there. Enjoy the land of accessories !! Have you ever checked out ??
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