Martha Stewart Living!
I am SO excited!!

Thanks to the amazing Holly and her interview of me on her blog, decor8 --- a Martha Stewart show producer contacted me about being on Martha's TV show!!!!

oh boy!! Now I am FREAKING out getting everything ready to send a pitch package for the show. Keeping fingers crossed that Martha likes what I send and I can get on the show!

yay and yipes all at the same time!

P.S. interestingly this fortuitous event has nothing to do with the artwork I gave to Martha Stewart in January!

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Congratulations! Well done Claudine. I am very happy for you. You so have the Power of attraction and for that my friend, God bless you and Good luck.
How exciting! You go girl. You are amazing.

Holy crap! If I were you, after I taped my segment, I'd tell her the story about CHA. =)

Anyway, congratulations!
She's a Wench...(a talented wench) but what unbelievable exposure for you! That's awsome!!!
You are so far above and beyond the "craft" talent she has had on her show, I was totally surprised you weren't talked to at CHA.
You have an adorable personality and you are supremely talented and I'll bet you make it on the show with no problems!!
Why stop at Martha...send one to Oprah too...
Whoa!!! Congratulations!!! How exciting! Good for you!
Yay Claudine! That's fantastic news...good luck!
You are so cute Claudine! I was happy to tell them about you when they called me. How could I not? Good things come to good people, remember that!!!
I'm so happy for you claudine! You really deserve the publicity.

lots of great wishes!!!
Oh my goodness, Claudine! I'm excited FOR you! I so hope you get on the totally, completly deserve all that comes to you! *G*
Woohoo! How exciting! I knew you would get there eventually. :)

Yep, that just about says it all. LOL!
How wonderful! Good luck but you'll do just great. Your students will say "I knew her when..."
Oh my goodness! Dang! That is SO COOL!
Wow. That is so cool!
Whoooooo HOOOOOOOO!!!
This is such great news! You were meant to get on Martha all along!
I am so pleased for you!
RADICAL!! I think it's because you sent out a vibe of intention. TOTALLY works... just mysteriously.

what wonderful news!!! congratulations! :-)
yay claudine!!!! all fingers and toes crossed for you!!!! woo-hoo!!!!
How exciting! Good luck Claudine :)
I don't like Martha but I would watch the show just to see you. :)

You are definitely headed to the show...can't wait to watch your segment !! Just GREAT news and don't freak are SO talented and have so much to offer. You'll be a slam dunk success. It couldn't happen to a nicer person. Way to go !!
so exciting!!!
what a dream come true for you. Congrats!!!!! ...gosh....crossing fingers, crossing fingers!! smiles!andra
How exciting Claudine! A producer for Martha's show contacted a crafter after I featured her on my blog about appearing on the show. I was thrilled to know a producer of Marty's show reads Funky Finds! Good luck!
OH MY GOSH!!! I knew they'd smarten up and "discover" you, how thrilling, can't wait to see you on the *show*:)
I knew she would bring you on her show!!! MEGA CONGRATS to YOU!!!
Oh my Martha! That's a dream of mine too. Love the interview on decor8 too. I'm super business minded (used to be a financial controller!) and love to see someone else who is so focused on making art a business. It gives you the opportunity to do what you love & actually make money at it! What could more authentic than that?
That would be so amazing! Im so happy for you! I can't wait to see you on the show! I LOVE Martha, I don't care what anyone says, she has great taste (she IS going to pick you!) Just relax and send the the goods that feel right and have faith that it will work out in your favor. I have the utmost confidense in you!
Oh, WOW! To be on Martha! Claudine, I am SO excited for you...I know you'll get on...I'm sure Martha will LOVE your pitch!
Congratulations Claudine!
This is so great!
Claudine I have read how much you love Martha, you must be floating around right now! What a great opportunity to finally meet her! and you can ask her about the painting you did for her. I am so happy for you! yay!!
I share your excitement, too! I can't think of anyone more talented or sweet or deserving of having such an honor! They're crazy if they don't put you on!
Oh this is a very, very wonderful thing. I am so freaking excited for you. YIPPEE! You'll get on for sure.
FANTASIC!! It is ABOUT TIME!! You are so deserve to be on her show. I can't wait!! Congratulations!!!!
you will be great, you are perfect for her show!!!
oh my goodness!!!!

please let me know when this happens, i will blast it out in a CSE newsletter!!!

congrats!!!!!!! so excited!
Maybe the art work you stalked her for was not the reason they called, but when they are choosing she is going to recognize it and it will seal the deal. you better not get too big to come on Craft Lab :)
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