studio kitties
OK it's been a whole week since I posted pet photos, so here come some more! I snapped these photos of Stanley and Mabel in my studio today.

Mabel loves to sleep under my desk in a pile of gift tissue and Stan loves my colored paper tub!

Stan chewing on his own tail! silly boy!

Mable later on top of the desk!


The last one of Mable is adorable.
Gorgeous moggies,,,,can't imagine life without them. I posted a photo of my 2 yesterday.
hehe, your kitties look so surprised in those first two pics! :-)
Aw. I love your pics of Mabel and Stanley. Mabel looks like my cat Pixel only Pixel has a low swinging belly that flops from side to side crazily as she runs :)
they are the cutest! My kittie likes to keep me company (and sit on everything) when I work too.
Claudine, I was looking at the pics of Stan. HE'S HUGE! He looks happy and healthy and deliciously orange. Very cool. Love the custom cards.
i just had to comment - i love when you post pictures of the kitties. i wonder what they look so surprised at in the first pic? stan is adorable and Mable looks like a sister to my Holly. thanks for the pics
hi everyone! I think Mabel and Stan look so surprised in the first pic because that's when I took the first photo and caught them under the desk!
hee hee!
Stan is a wild man...he looks like he is ready to get into trouble in all the photos!!lolol...smiles, andra
Gotta love a kitty that chews his own tail -- just like my Daisy Mae! And Mabel looks exactly like my Charley, only not quite as fat.
Totally cute photos. Seeing Stan the marmalade cat reminded me of my boy Aslan. I miss him.
Wow, great cats.

love cats in the office. they must have a blast in yours. mine eat's paper so i have to be careful!
I notice several other people said your cats look like theirs...and I'm going to say the same thing! Mabel looks like my Lotus, and Stan looks like my Tyger. Except Tyger has lil black spots on his nose. :)
wonderful cats,,,Mabel asleep amongst all the action. That is what I really call....lying down on the job!!!! collage is exhausting,,,even for the onlookers............

collage and catlover...........
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