just finished...
I just finished up these 3 sitting ladies using this month's Scrap in Style TV kit. Loved all the papers that came in that set. The zebra ribbon is my fav!

(click image to enlarge)

PS. Anyone watching On The Lot? I am liking it!!


thanks for the help you are doing for Bernie. She needs money for the little ones. She is doing such a grand job. I love the smiles I see at her blog.
Glad her trip is going well. I hope to see more money coming her way. We need to help a fellow artist.
Too too too cute! I love those sitting ladies. PLEASE tell me if you ever decide to start doing commissions on those!
I really enjoy your collages. It's obvious that you really put your heart into them.
Yes! We are watching The Lot! Also, Liking it! I can't believe they never let the filmakers sleep...can you imagine giving a pitch to 3 famous Hollywood types on NO sleep!I think we are in for a treat with this show. Already, some the few short films we saw where so much fun!
I'm watching too. And liking it. But not as much as visiting your blog, because I always feel if not inspired, then cheered when I go away. Thanks.
These ARE SO FREAKING CUTE... I saw this on SISTV already and I'm wondering HOW YOU DID THEM ;)

Love the ladies, what are their bodies made out of?
This is really cool. ..and yes I caught the first episode of On The Lot, and thought it was pretty good. :)
I am watching On the Lot. I happened upon it and was surprised at how much I did like it. Will stayed tuned...
love the cute and look so happy sitting outside
I am totally into On the Lot. Finally, something that is as creatively appealing as Project Runway. My boyfriend is even into it! (He barely tolerates the Project Runway season...LOL)

The ladies are great! -Kim
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