I went to the dentist today. I actually really like going to the dentist, it feels good to have my teeth checked and nice and bright. Since I am a good girl and floss every night, I get lots of accolades from the hygienist. Probably one of the reasons I like going is all the praise I get! It is the closest thing I get to a report card as an adult and I like to get an A+!

After I went to the dentist, I went over to my friend Martha's to hang out and chat with her. I love seeing her, always makes me feel better! I was feeling kind of down yesterday but now I feel good again!

Martha and I checked out Infusion Tea which is a new-to-me tea place. Cute and nice atmosphere. I even liked my ice tea, I don't usually like ice tea so that is saying a lot that I liked it!

On my way home from Martha's I braved nasty traffic to stop by Sam Flax so I could pick up my favorite pens. All my pens are down to nubs so I need ones with new tips. I plan to get a lot of studio work done this week so I need fresh pens!


I love the feeling of new pens. I got new pens today, too... but, I'm a Fineliner girl. They are probably not archival... but, neither am I. ;)

Good work at the dentist. That's my least favourite place in the world. I'm glad you like it!
I think you're about the only girl I know who actually really LIKES to go the dentist!! I SO wish that I did but I just don't.
HA...loved the bulldoggie with the nice bright smile! Ooooh...nice pens's always so fun to get fresh new supplies.:)
I need to try those pens out. I have heard rave reviews on them. Too many times I use "old faithful" which is the micron pigma pens. I'm almost afraid to try new ones. I need to, though!
I went to the dentist yesterday too and, when I was there, I started thinking that I have never seen a male hygienist. Do they exist?
OH your kidding you love going to the dentist. UGH I hate it but then I dont have great teeth either AND I FLOSS ALL THE TIME TOO.lovely meds and genetics :;sigh:: LOVE the new scrapin style tv site soo mcuh fun. Good luck with all that studio time.. I keep thinnking I will get to work then my daughter comes running out of the woodwork with something else for me to clean up
I like going to the dentist too, Claudine! ; ) I was a member of the No Cavity Club until I was 26--I cried when he told me I'd need to have it filled. : (


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