illustration friday: 80's
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "80's"

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I'm a little late with this piece, usually I like to get the IF's done by Saturday at the latest, but this piece gave me a bit of trouble so I had to wrestle with a little bit. But I think it came out OK in the end.

When I read the IF theme of 80's first I thought, ewww, 1980's but then I thought of a spunky lady in her 80's and what would she do that might surprise people. So I imagined a woman driving her sporty little car in the city with her doggie. Ironically this photo is of my grandma who never learned to drive. So here she is driving now!

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oh this is great! i like the coloc choices and subject matter!
is that the tiniest frenchy in the world there? so happy to see him (or her)
love that you included the dog. really cute!
Perfect car selection...nice take on the age aspect...reminds me of the old woman I saw driving a car just like mine...long painful story that can't be shared publicly lest I spoil my community standing...but you gave me a good laugh...
Great job! Love the dog, really adorable. Great take on the theme too!
LOL, Claudine, you're the same age as me, you don't have any good memories of the 80's? LOL!!!
C'mon-the clothes (ugh), the music (ugh), the movies (welll Jon Cusack was fun!!), TV (Saturday Morning Cartoons!), hmmm....
I was the weird kid-loving music of the '60's while everyone else loved Duran Duran and Madonna I worshipped the Beatles and the Monkees...
Your art piece for IF though definetly reminds me of that 80's Punch Buggy (Punch Buggy Red!) thing!!!
OK, I'm a self admitted geek ;)
Cool wheels. She sure is one hip lady! :)
Excellent, peculiar technique
Well Claudine, the extra trouble caused by this piece was worth the time to resolve because this is one of my most favorite pieces you have done! I love the red color against the blue/yellow background. Great images too. And gosh, the beetle is wonderful! Great job on this piece!
Great image, beautiful idea and colour scheme!
i really love this one too! very well put together! love that sporty scotty dog in the back of her car too...
great idea :)
i think it turned out well!Funny that u put a pic of ur grandma who never learned to drive thats cute :)
totally awesome claudine!! love the beetle car!!! great stuff.
Your grandma looks happy to be driving. And who wouldn't be happy with a cute dog like that to go with you. Your collage is great!
This is a great take on the theme for the week. My grandma never learned how to drive either and when my grandfather tried to teach her after they were married she pedal to the metal, backed into their house....needless to say that was her first and only driving lesson :)
love this car :)
such a lovely piece!!
beep beep...the 80's was all about flashy cars...
What a hip lady! Great illustration!
Nice! I really like the idea, and the car is very cute. And how fun that your grandma finally is driving ;)

Anette Heiberg
What a FANTASTIC collage!!! I adore the background with all the pretty shades of blue. And your grandma in the car with a puppy is just the cutest!!!
Grandma's got some nice set of wheels.... ;)

lovely illo as always! YOur cat is adorable!! SOOO CUTE!
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