noel's hats
Here's a photo of Noel wearing the hat that my Mom made her! Doesn't she look cute!! To see Noel wearing more of her cute new hats, click here!

If you don't know Noel's story, here's a quick update - Noel is a puppy and she is missing both her ears because of being used as a fighting bait dog by mean horrible people. My good friend, Bernie Berlin runs a grass roots animal rescue and has brou
ght her home and she is on the mend. You can read more about Noel on Bernie's blog.

We thought it would be fun to make her new hats with ears so when she is all healed she can can be one stylish puppy. The hats also serve a function because her inner ear needs to be protected from the cold.

If you would like to try making Noel a hat too, I posted her measurements here. And Vickie Howell made her a super duper awesome hat and posted her pattern on her blog. Thanks Vickie!

Noel is going to need some major surgery (approx $2,000!) to fix all the damage that was caused by being used as a bait dog. If you would like to donate money to Noel's cause you can find a donation link in the side bar of Bernie's blog.

Also, for the month of January I have a 5x7 print available for $20 each at the Pretty Darn Swell galle
ry. $5 from each sale goes to the charity of my choice. My donation will go to Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark animal rescue which will in turn go to help Noel! Click here to shop at Pretty Darn Swell and help a wonderful cause! This print will only be available for the month of January, get them while you can!


Hi Claudine - I'm new to the blogging world... I love your artwork and reading your blog. I have both of your books - you're such an inspiration! I love Noel's hat, she looks like such a sweetheart. I had to make a donation after reading about her surgery. This is such a heartbreaking story, I hope she's able to get the surgery she needs. Please keep us posted on her health.
Oh MY!! I am in love with that hat (and dog....) I wish I could knit!! lovely.
If I could only knit...sigh....but maybe Noel nee ssome adorable collars for doggy parties and Sundays???
I love your collages, but I think it's downright WRONG to dress up noble canines in humiliating outfits! This craziness must be stopped!

exactly! Noel really does need to wear them. I talked to Bernie on the phone today and she said Noel really likes wearing the hats! yay!
OK, you win!!! No offense meant...
Oh God, poor Noel. But he looks so dashing with the hat.
She looks totally adorable!!! Glad to know she likes her hats! Miss Beula would never wear them. She would spend her time trying to figure out how to take them off.
thanks for posting those measurements! I've been buggin Bernie about them since she got Noel and only YESTERDAY did she tell me you had them up online! she's so goofy!! LOL
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