it's wednesday!
Today I visited with my friend Martha which is always a treat! We went to the Birds of Prey Center for a little field trip. We got there just before closing and the staff was taking all the birds out of their day enclosures and moving them to their night places. Martha and I were the only visitors, so we ended up getting a private bird show. We saw Owls, Red Shouldered Hawks and Bald Eagles out of their enclosures only a foot away while the staff told us all about them. I wanted to reach out and pet them (they were that close!) but a quick look at their sharp beaks, was all it took to remind me to keep my hands to myself.

After I got home I spent about 2 hours packing up commissions to ship out tomorrow. I have an 18x24 that is going all the way to Italy! Wow! Here's a photo of one of the ones that I finished up and am sending out tomorrow. These lovely ladies sent me their childhood photos and also pics of their fav childhood toys to incorporate into the artwork. I love the way this one turned out!


Oh I just love this one!! The little toys are sucha cute touch!
What a treasure this one will be for those two ladies! Very sweet! I'd love to be able to see their faces when they see it for the first time!
What a cool unique style. The bird trip sounded awesome--lucky.
Ooooh... I love this piece so much. Such sweetness.
i love birding and these two little girls are darling!
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