travel day
I made it to Oregon! I am here at the Creative Catalyst studios. We'll be filming my third DVD tomorrow. oh boy!

The trip went well. I made my connection in Houston with just enough time, as I arrived at the gate they were boarding the plane. Whew. I hate it how airlines allow such tight connections now, it is so stressful.

Other than a small teary moment at baggage claim, when I dropped my strawberry smoothie on the floor and all over my luggage, I sometimes get a smidge teary when traveling alone but it only lasted a minute -- (I could never make it on the Amazing Race) --the rest of the trip went very smoothly.

I had a funny moment on the plane when one of the flight attendants asked what I was reading. I debated whether to tell him, but then I decided well, he asked so I said deadpan "a fictional memoir about a hermaphrodite" and he was like "oh" and then looked at me and walked away. What did he think I was reading? I guess Nancy Drew or something. By the way the title is Middlesex and it is a very good book! Right up my alley.

As of right now I have been on the go for 20 hours so I am off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.
PS. Today is my one year blog-a-versary!!

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Welcome to the city of roses! I love living in Portland... are you teaching pre-convention classes locally?

:) Melanie
LOL at the flight attendant - probably had no idea what a hermaphrodite is ;-) I'm a librarian, must go see if we have the book, sounds interesting...
Happy Blog Anniversary!
i like your airplane collage. and i can't wait to see the new video!
Oh dear, I have just giggled out loud at your post and scared the furry one on my lap. Thank you for sharing.
I'm reading Middlesex right now, good book! And you're right, he did ask. :)
Congratulations on one year, can't wait for more!
Pleaaaassee ...he was hitting on you! lol...he didn't know what to say after that!
happy blog-a-versary! It has given me some good info and laughs!

smiles, andra
Yipee! A new DVD...I just love your first two. I can't wait for #3!
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