happy halloween
Here's a quick photo I snapped of Stan in our Halloween candy bowl. He did not like posing for this at all! We are still trying to figure out what color his eyes will be. Here they look gold but sometimes they are more of a khaki/green color, I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to find out for sure. Of course it goes without saying that his eyes will be amazing no matter what color they are.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great night!

7:50pm EDITED WITH A HALLOWEEN UPDATE: We have a whole bunch of Trick-or-Treaters coming now! Wonderful costumes too, so far we've had a bunch of princesses, Ninja's and Power Rangers. One group of came with their mom without any costume at all, just in their regular clothes. It was the oddest thing. They were about 8 - 11 years old so they weren't even disillusioned teens. We thought it was so strange. Isn't the whole principle of Trick-or-Treating that you must get dressed-up to receive candy? After the door was closed, Paul and I both say in unison "hey it's just like that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode!" Anyone else had any kids show up without any costume?


Oh, he's growing up so fast!!!!
Hope you and yours have a happy Halloween too - and that Stanley will have a great first Halloween. The photo is adorable - his eyes are going to be gorgeous no matter what color they turn out to be =)
I just love STAN. He is gorgeous....our cat is black so needless to say we WORRY about him on Halloween. He is so mad at me for not letting him outisde today!!! Have a great Halloween.
We usually get a few trick or treaters without costumes...mostly older kids. But this year everyone had great costumes and all were very polite too!! Love Stanley's pic...our black cat midnight is sporting an orange ribbon bow...nevermind that he is a male cat!
Ups! Actually my kids didn't wear costumes today. Very unusual, last year they did wear costumes...My girls (3 & 2) didn't want to wear their Disney's princess gowns... Too itchy! was the reason, and for my boys (7 & 5) they just decided to wear their Jedi's cape with a lightsaber, not the complete costumes. It took me a few minutes to get over it and decided to go trick or treating, after all, they just wanted to get candies ;)
Stan is so cute in that bowl...and
yes, I had two boys around 14 years old at my door, dressed in jeans in t-shirts. I couldn't resist commenting "Wow, what incredible costumes - how did you think them up?" One boy responded, "Well, I came home from football practice, changed my shirt, and here I am." I said, "Well, at least you're honest."
this is too cute!!
One kid in regular street clothes and 2 who carried 2 treat buckets and let us know the extra one "was for their cousin"... Things that make you go h'mmmmm!
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