can't resist
I can't resist posting this new photo of Stanley. He's now 12 weeks old and a busy boy! He's at the stage where he runs around all night and acts like a nut. Here he is taking a disco nap before his night time antics!



What a cutie. Love that little foot he is holding in his hand.
There can never be too many pictures of Stanley.
My orange kitty is 5 years old...and STILL runs around and acts like a nut. :)

Stan is so cute. What a winner you've got there!
Wow, look how much he's grown! I love getting to see pictures of him. I have a litter of 4 wild cats that have been living under my storage shed for several months now. I think they are about 6 months old now. They have all been carefully trapped and spayed/neutered so there won't be more but... anyway, two of them look like Stanley except one has medium length fur and is my favorite. I named them all and my favorite guys name is Einstein.. he was the last one to trap out of a total of 11 wild cats in my neighborhood! But we got 'em all. Please keep showing pictures! And speaking of your babies, you need some new shots of Toby. Seeing him gives me the giggles. And with Halloween just around the corner, I can't wait to see your costumes this year! LOL!
He has such a sweet smile, I bet he's dreaming up all sorts of things to play with!
isn't it amazing how angelic they look whilst they are sleeping? babies and men, too. our youngest cat is 2, so whilst he doesn't look like a kitten anymore, he acts like an utter maniac, still. he is a bum biter, too.
Ahh.. handsome little guy. Night time kitty ruckus is fun. The best part is night time jumping on the head. Great name too, Stanley is a name he can grow into for sure.
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