stan + mabel video
Another example of Mabel's patience with Stanley!

OK See you from the road. I'll try to post updates from the trip!


Too cute! I LOVE the closeup on his face at the end =)
He's growing so darned fast. I wonder what he'll look like 10 days from now when you come home. What a little KissyFur he is!
I forgot how funny little kittens are to watch. I want one!
I could watch Stanley play all day long. Maybe it was Mabel who was enticing Stan with her tail....
Thanks for the video.
I'm completely in love with little Stan. I don't know how you get anything done. I would just sit and watch the fur babies being cute all day.
awwwww .... and did i mention .... awwww?

Hugs lovely girl! Thanks again for all of your incredibly sweet words. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip and I will certainly look forward to your return (although it is nice to know that you are so near)!!
It's so funny the way Mabel moved her tail juuuuuust out of Stanley's reach. She was being extremely patient, but her face really suggested that she wanted to open up a can of woop-@$$ on him. Then at the end, to show he's still the macho man, he has to attack the arm of the chair. I agree with Nikki and Nancy, I could watch cats all day!
oh my goodness!!! he's so darn cute!!!! oohhh Mabel loves him, you can tell.
LOL How cute! Yes! Mabel is patient and I liked the ending too! How sweet Stan the man is! xoxoox
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