craft lab filming day
The Craft Lab filming went great! Everyone there was super nice and it was so exciting to tape the show again with Jennifer. Thank you to Brian and Pirooz, my producers, for making everything go so smoothly! This was my second time being on the show and my fourth episode. The first two episodes that I filmed last year should be showing in a few weeks. I am watching the DIY web site to find out when they will air.

I tried to be really good and take photos while it was going on so I would have some to post here! Here's a photo of me and Jennifer Perkins, the host of the show.

I headed over this morning to get there by 7am. Then there was a little time to hang out and wait to get started. I had a mild panic when I was told that two of the three shirts that I had brought with me, I couldn't wear because sleeveless shirts weren't allowed. I had ordered some cute shirts to wear on the show but they didn't arrive in time, so I had to make do and bring what I had. Thankfully the wardrobe people lent me a little jacket and so all was OK. whew! Here's a photo of everyone on the set getting things ready.

The first episode we made Victorian Cone puppets (I am teaching this in Portland in a couple weeks) and that was a lot of fun especially because I was able to use photos of Toby! So I felt a little bit at home having Toby with me on the set! I was surprised there were a couple people there that also had pekingese. One of the camera guys had two and the wardrobe lady had one too! The second episode we made a few Poppet® dolls of Jennifer, her husband and her pets - a cute little family portrait in 3-d!

This season is filmed a little differently, less steps outs and more showing of the action which they will edit and speed up later. That was really nice because you didn't have to worry so much about the amount of time it takes to explain or cut or glue something.

There are also crafters on the set making the project in the background, it was a ton of fun to see what they made and their variations on the projects! The crafters who were on the same shows as me were Monica and Laura. Here's a photo of us together (from Left to Right: Laura, Monica, Jennifer and me!)

After we were done for the day, Jennifer and I went out to dinner with Susan who will be a guest on the show tomorrow. I don't know how Jennifer tapes every day for 5 weeks, I am exhausted after one day today!

I have an early flight in the morning so I am going to get to bed early. I can hardly wait to get home!

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Thanks for coming on the show lady, I had such a fun time. My little 3D collage is already on the mantle. Give Stan a snuggle for me tomorrow!
Obviously you're a seasoned pro at this, but it sounds super-exciting to be able to share your talents an expertise on TV. Thanks for sharing some of the behind the scenes info - who would think you couldn't wear something sleeveless?
No sleeveless shirts on Craft Lab, no drinking alcohol while we teach at Art there NO room for the fun-loving trollop in the art world?!
I am wondering what the reason is behind no sleeveless shirts on the Craft Lab show...did they explain? Boo-hoo...I wish I had DIY network on my cable.
Saw you on Carol Duvall this morning. It was exciting to see someone "I know" from the blogging world. Strange, huh? You did a great job explaining the printing process. My daughter is a printmaker attending grad school at Cranbrook outside Detroit, so printmaking is near and dear to our hearts!
congrats claudine....we get DIY...can't wait to see the show. You ROCK! to quote donna :)
yay claudine!!! wish i had diy :(
you look great :)
No sleeveless shirts because you're supposed to look "seasonless." Jennifer is such a sweetheart! I wish I could do a show with her! I'm going to have to upgrae my cable channels. I love your work!
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