busy monday
This morning I met with Dawn for hot chocolate at Panera. It was so great to finally meet her and hang out. We have been meaning to do that for weeks. Yay! I have a new friend!

After I got home, I spent the day working on
commissions (here's a scan of a Poppet® Sketch commission of this cute couple to the right). I also worked on the step outs for the projects I will be demonstrating on Craft Lab. We film Sept 19th and there is so much to do to get ready. I need to make each step + back ups incase we need to redo something. Lots and lots of work! yipes!

I had a reprieve from my headache today, but now I feel like it's coming back. This is getting really annoying. I started taking Magnesium, to see if that works. Thanks for the tip!

Toby's test results came in today and he does not have thyroid deficiency. yay! But the Dr. wants to talk to me on the phone. So now I am waiting to hear what more he has to say, maybe there are other tests we need to run etc.

We are getting ready for Tropical Storm Ernesto, looks like it will go right across Orlando. We're not too worried about it, since it will just be a tropical storm, but I am sure it will be nasty day. A good day to stay inside, maybe work on my 3rd quarter taxes or
play this game while watching the Weather Channel.
Hi Claudine, just wanted to mention that you might want to ask your doctor about maxalt for your migraines. Imitrex never worked for me...but maxalt stops about 98% of my headaches. It's a miracle drug!

Love your new poppet, especially the cute little cat and dog!

-Linda O'Neill
Glad to hear Mr. Toby does not have any thyroid problems. Hope the vet can give you some more ideas to get his hair to grow back. Stay safe and dry! (Spent yesterday afternoon and evening getting read for Ernesto. Still have a bunch more to do. I wish I had accordian shutters instead of the type I currently have).
first time here, lovely works, what a personal style!
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