oh boy! oh boy!
I have been working on artwork for Fiskars new program called the Fisk-a-teers and it is now live! You can see what the amazing design company, Brains on Fire, did with my artwork. Click here to take a look! Very exciting!

In other interesting news,
a friend of my mom and I, said that she saw my prints (artwork circa 1998) on a Law and Order episode!

Here's her exact quote "it was a rerun of L&O: Criminal Intent, and they were pursuing a master thief, I think, and were in a hotel room, and Claudine's prints of the balloon and the swan ship were on the walls. How cool is that!"

Pretty cool indeed! Now I need to see it!!
what a GREAT post w/awesome links - look how uber-cool you are! you continue to amaze and inspire me! cheers to you cutie! hugs, rach
Claudine - how NEAT!!! I'm so excited for you!!
Claudine - as one of the new Fiskateers, I can't even begin to put into words how amazing your work makes us and our site look. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fiskateer #003
Congrats!!!! I love this uber cool web page!!! I am going to check this out as soon as I finish this. Oh, and how awesome is that to have your art on TV!!! You are so deserving of all your success!!!
So so so... COOL! and this is a great page! Congrats and hooray!
Claudine you don't even know how PUMPED I am that you did the artwork. SO ROCKIN' and COOL!!!! LOVE your work and am currently working my way through your first book (the second is waiting patiently...) =)

(and congrats on the TV sighting!)

Much love-
May (fiskateer #003)
I had no idea you had artwork available for purchase at! I'm off to check it out now. How exciting!!!

And congrats on the work you've done for Fiskars. Was just on their Fiskateers site and it looks fabulous!!!
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