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Random thoughts:

1) I was busy today working on commissions. Here's one that I just shipped out. This client is a midwife and she wanted something that depicted her with babies, but not in a hospital setting, so here she is in the baby garden!

2) I got a
portfolio of my artwork started on the iSpot. The iSpot is a site where companies looking for illustrators can find them searching by various terms etc. There are so many illustrators listed there, it's a wonder that anyone will find my work, but I'll try it out to see. The first 90 days are free and you can check stats to see if it's working for you. I'm curious to see how it goes!

3) This time last year Paul and I were in Rome about to head to Cortona for my first workshop in Italy. We were reminiscing about it last night. I can't wait to go back in April to
teach another class. It was such a magical trip. sigh.

4) I have now gone two days without drinking diet coke. We'll see if I can wean myself off it completely. It's tough! Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water.
that poppet illustration of the midwife is really magical claudine! a cold diet pepsi...i can't help myself...smiles!
Absolutely delightful in every way shape and form!
i adore the baby garden...had three babies with a midwife. love it!!!

i gave up diet coke a year ago. its tough but worth it!
I think iSpot is a good place to show your work...I've used it many times when searching for illustrators. There are a lot of illustrators, that's true, but the assignments will come...Your work is fresh. Many art directors will want it! I know, I speak from experience!!! up Diet Coke, huh? I need to give up Coca-Cola myself...I've done it before. It's just so difficult...even if you can cut it down to one a day...that's awesome!
I LOVE this commission!!! It is so clever and adorable. I bet she will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! What a cool idea using the iSpot for your portfolio. I think your work would be so great in a children's story book. I bet you will have authors banging on your door!!! Hope Paul had a very nice birthday celebration! Good luck on staying away from diet coke.
ahhh Claudine!

what are you doing for caffiene? I switched to strong black iced tea when I weaned myself from diet
pepsi earlier this year. Do keep a
little around for once in awhile,
but rarely crave as long as I have
the needed "jolt" occassionally from something else!

good luck with this and the iSpot!
Try Diet 7Up or Sprite -- icy cold. It's fizzy, gives you something to hold, and takes the edge off. Helped me give up caffeine. Good luck!
Oh my! Giving up Diet Coke. . . I dunno. DCoke is my treat, my wake-up in the afternoon, get-over-the-hump shot. Let us know how it goes!
Oh i just love your work! great sense of humor!
Oh so lovely! Your art has a sense of whimsy that I find so wonderful. Keep up the good work. Visiting your site is always a pleasure.
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