illustration friday - dance
When I first read the IF theme of "dance" I thought of Napoleon Dynamite and the practicing of his dance moves in his bedroom. Once I thought of that everything else fell into place. I had fun working on this piece!

"Stan practiced every night to be ready for the prom...."

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This is so funny. I really love it!
fun illo
:)))) Great!
Beautiful pic, Claudine. (And the movie was darn cool too.)

Blue skies
What a riot! I love it!!
This is so funny!! I love how he's in the spotlight . Nice illustration!
haha Claudine this is BRILLIANT Babe :D I loved that dance move scene in ND.

fantastic, really made me giggle!
J´adore ton illustration: elle dégage une telle joie de composition est super, le choix des couleurs: génial...Prune
What a hoot!! Love it!!
this is fun!
i remember you from clothpaperscissors, right? those birds!!
I love it. That was one of my favorite movies and a great scene from the film. You go girl! Kay
Looks like you're doing some computer generated artwork and not just using tradition media. Zat so?
;-) Sharon
Ha! Very nice indeed. Do more.
Hah! That's great! I know a few such dancers... ;p
That is exactly the movie I thought of before I even read your decription. I remember the 80's and those shorts. Shoot me if I ever wear those again! Brandi
I love the bedroom! And the lighting!
thanks everyone! I had fun working on it!

Sharon - yes this one is done mostly on the computer. I prefer to work all by hand when possible, but for time saving sake I did this one digitally.

So glad ya'll like it. I have so much fun seeing everyone entries and am really enjoying the challenge of IF.
This is a SCREAM!!!
this is BRILLIANT! i'm so tickled! hugs, rach
Hi hi hi, a Bedroom Travolta :-)))) very funny *giggles*
Ha! Ha! this is so funny! A little elder brother used to do this when he thinks he's alone!
He is a legend in his own mind!
This is wonderful and so true to life!
Great movie too!
This is such a fun piece! Really like your style...
oh my gosh. I LOVE IT!!!
what a geek… and he looks like he is having so much fun… much more than napoleon… i think he took himself way too seriously… i can't believe i didn't think of him when i saw the topic…

your illustration is great…
This is super fun!!! it was a great movie too!
Those little shorts don't seem to be impeding his groovy moves - very fun Claudine!
This is FANTASTIC!!! Love it!!!
it´s so fun. love the colours
that's so fun! makes me laugh..
This is so funny, I loves Stan's tight shorties. The argyle bed spread surse says it all.
This is very funny. I can just imagine this guy dancing every night in his 1980's shorts.
This ROCKS! I love it - what a great take on the topic! Fabulous colors as well!
Makes me want to DANCE!!! Great Claudine!! lol Phew! Gives me a chuckle! ps. Soooooo GLAD to hear your mom is ok and out of the hospital!!!
So debonair! This is classic!
This is a riot! I love the details...his outfit, the patterns in the bedroom... well done:>
As with all your work - I love it and it makes me smile! I am so looking forward to your workshop in August!!
Napoleon Dynamite, look out! This is so much fun, it's obvious you had a great time making it. I love the argyle!
I absolutely adore your style. Fantastic. You've sertainly captured this week's theme well.
Haha! Can't help laughing! Excellent design for your background.
And here I thought I was the only person on the East Coast who has a spotlight in his bedroom. Bah! Foiled again!

Fantastic illo. Your mixed media is great. Where did you go to Collage? (Sorry, bad pun) Keep up the great art!

PS: Glad to hear your puppy Toby is tip-top again.
There are so many great illustrations this week, but this one made me burst out laughing right away – thanks!
SWEET! I'm with albina, I cracked right up!
hehe, you portraited my boyfriend! (Oops, did I just say thet out loud?)
So funny.haha
I'm cracking up, this is really funny!
Ya-napoleon all the way. I think I hear some disco playing in the background too. This does look fun. Cheers!
This looks fun! I love the blue background!

oh boy, this is fun- I like the use of blue/red.
I traveled through your website and I really like your work.
Thanks for all the comments too-
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