healing thoughts
Early this afternoon, I ran out to drop my car off for an oil change. Paul and I were on our way home when we got a call from my dad that my mom was in the hospital. Akkk! So we raced down there. She's staying the night for observation, it's nothing serious, but they want to be careful. She hopes to get out tomorrow at noon but we know how hospitals are, they take forever doing the paperwork to let you out. We're sending my mom lots of good thoughts tonight!
Oh Sweetie! I am so glad it was nothing serious! Sending good thoughts your and your mom's way! XoXo
Thinking of you and your family and sending good wishes!!
Sorry to here that your mom was in the hospital. I know how scary that is for you but I am sure she is getting lots of TLC there.
Sending not only some thoughts but some prayers too.
Sorry to hear about your mom, not the kind of surprise you want, hmm? All the best to her and that she feels better soon!
thanks everyone for the well wishes! Mom is coming home today. I am about to go back to the hospital. She has low thyroid and low potassium levels so they will get her all better soon i hope!
I'm baack... had a delightful time as my darling daughter spent a lot of time with me at the hospital and we got to talk about all of your and what fun the blog is and how supportive everyone is. Be back at work next week.
phew! glad to see your mom left a comment and she is alright. scary huh? take care claudine and mom too :)
Prayers and healing thoughts for Claudines (((mom)))
healing hugs and hoping that your mom is back home! take care!!!
Oh that is so scary!!! Glad things are better with your Mom!
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