another rainy day
As predicted today started off rainy. Tropical Storm Alberto never did make it to hurricane status (thankfully) but he still dumped lots of rain. Toby is so bored. I have taken him out for multiple walks but he doesn't like to walk as far in the rain. We even had a long play session, but he's still sulky. Poor little guy!

I increased the pricing on my Poppet®
commissions, just a little bit. But for my blog readers I have an exciting discount offer!

If you place a commission order between now and the end of June, you can get it at the old pricing! You'll just need to give me the secret code. The secret code is "maggie the mess maker." Just write that in your email when placing your order.

I signed up for a workshop with
Steve Aimone next month in New Smyrna Beach July 14-15th.

I am excited!

Speaking of workshops,
my classes in Phoenix still have spaces available. I'll only be in AZ and OR for the rest of this year, so I hope you can come out to play!
I love the secret code!!!
Oh no - no Raleigh workshop this year?

yes, No raligh workshop, I had to cancel because of other commitments.

Very good images...
Very original...
I love blog....
I've been wanting and wanting to get a commission done from you forEVER and have neglected to get all my stuff in order to send. That's it. Before you become so famous and sought after that your commissions are impossible to get, I gotta order one. I suspect it won't be long now before that happens for you. :o)
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