toby goes to the vet
Toby and I went to the vet today for his annual exam. Poor little guy started shaking and shivering as soon as we walked in the door. He's like "akkk not this place I just thought we were going for a car ride! "

He got a clean bill of health and all his vaccines so we are good to go for another year. We had to wait at the vet for awhile because there was an emergency before us so it took us a couple hours. Luckily I brought a good book to read to help pass the time.

Once I got home I started on
commissions to try and get caught up. I managed to make a little bit of headway which is pretty good for the first full day back in the studio. Tomorrow I hope to be back in full swing.

oh, before I forget.... Nina, has written a great write-up of ArtFest with photos too!
Check it out.


We've been going through a lot of vet appts for all the animals lately. They can be tough. I hope Toby is feeling much better now and I hope he got lots of treats! Have a nice night!
Is that your puppy? OMG is he so adorable! Sorry to hear he had a bad day!
It was nice to meet you at artfest...I do regret that I didn't really get to talk to you. I loved your Q & A Thursday night.
When I used to take our dog to the vet, I would tell her the entire car ride that she was going to the vet just so she wouldn't think I had tricked her by letting her think she was going on a pleasure ride. I always felt so guilty about taking her there.
Glad Mr. Toby is in tip-top shape and had finished with those nasty vaccinations for another year. I just made Miss Beula's appointment for next month. I'm sure she won't be happy. She even hates getting on the scale (but then again, don't we all). Maybe she will be happy if I promise her a trip to the Three Dog bakery if she is a good girl!

hi there! Yup that's Toby! He's such a cutie. It's a good thing he's so cute because he's a grump so he gets away with sassing his parents because we think everything he does is cute.

It was great seeing you at ArtFest too, wish we had more time to chat. Hope to see you again!
Thank Goodness Toby had a great check-up!!! That is soooooooooo cute of him thinking of a SHOT!!! LOL nothing like a SHOT of laughter for the day, it is indeed the BEST medicine!!! Phew!!! I read Nina's comment, CAWWWWWWW! on here and then about that %$#^%*Eagle!!!LOL Please!!! do a cartoon of Nina and You in the car racing the Eagle!!!That HAS to be one of the HIGHLIGHTS of your trip!!!I laugh just trying to invison it! Happy Day! Cinda
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