I went to the dentist today. I like going to the dentist, it feels good to have my teeth checked and nice and bright. Since I am a good girl and floss every night, I get lots of accolades from the hygienist. Probably one of the reasons I like going is all the praise I get! It is the closest thing I get to a report card as an adult. I had a long conversation with the hygienist about the new Oral B Triumph toothbrush. I bought the Triumph about 6 months ago and love it. But then I discovered that you can use the same brush heads on the older models so I felt a little duped for buying it when I could have just bought the new brush heads.

After the dentist, I ran around doing errands; going to the bank, the drug store, the grocery store, the post office and finally home. By the time I made it home I had a huge migraine.

I did manage to get a little work done tonight after the migraine meds kicked in. I'm going to get to bed so I can get a early start tomorrow

I also had a migraine today have my sympathy.
Ok, this poppet made me bust out laughing! LOVE the dog's mouth! Hilarious!!!
Sorry to hear about the migraine! I hope you are feeling better today! I love this new piece!! Sooo fabulous!
Sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Hope you are doing better today. I agree with Fabulous_Finds, the teeth on Georgie made me laugh OUT LOUD (at work). Thanks for bringing a bright moment to my day!
He's the "Cheshire Pup" wearing lipstick! lol
Love those teeth!!!!
Secret confession time...I also take great care my teeth so that when I go to the dentist I hear "you take good care of teeth" or "it looks like you have good dental habits." It also helps me to be confident in the ol' breath department. :-) LOVE your blogging!
i don't know how you get so much done! your migraines are just merciless!
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