oh no! toby feels sick!
Paul went to ceramics class tonight so I spent the evening packing and shipping artwork to send out. Just when I was thinking I'd have a really productive night ..... Toby got sick.

The vet had given us some medicine yesterday for a skin allergy and warned us that he might get nauseous after taking it, but poor little T, he got really sick! Of course he ran across the house to be sick on our Pottery Barn rug and not the easy to clean laminate floor, but I didn't mind.

So I spent the night alternating between trying to get work done and running him outside. All he wanted to do was eat the grass, but I was worried about there being chemicals that he could ingest so I tried to get him to eat lettuce leaves from the fridge. He didn't want anything to do with the lettuce and gave me a dirty look.

He seems to be feeling better now, he's sleeping. yay!


Hi Claudine! I'm so sorry T feels sick but lettuce isn't the thing for him, nor is grass (that's what they eat to throw up!) His tummy needs a rest so white rice is nice (even better than brown). Check with your vet, but T needs food already processed if his tummy hurts! Jood-picking-up-after-new-pup
oh I know, I wouldn't let him eat the grass. I gave him a little chicken broth and now I'm fasting him to get his tummy better, then i'll feed him in the morning. poor little guy. I was so worried.

have fun with the puppy!
I was always under the impression that if an animal has some of the crud left in his system, he eats the grass to not only get it out completely, but to replace the minerals and gut flora lost in the purging. I keep some wheatgrass from the store in my fridge and feed it to our pets regularly for this purpose.

Poor little T. He's always got something going on. :o(
Sorry about your sick pup. I have run after my dogs many a times trying to get them outside before they got sick all over. {{{Hugs}}} To you both!
oh Mr Toby =(
(((healing hugs)))
Poor Toby. Glad to hear he's on th mend. He's so adorable!
...oops...meant to sign my name on the prevous post.
My dogs like to eat grass, and it doesn't seem to make them throw up unless they have totally empty stomachs. We don't use any chemicals in our yard, so I just let them eat it.

One night the dog that is least likely to get me up in the middle of the night INSISTED that he had to go out RIGHT NOW, and then, once out, *frantically* ate grass. As far as I know he never threw it up, but that whole thing was so unusual for him that I figured his stomach must be bothering him....

My old dog used to have spurts of vomiting. She's the one who had to be fasted and then carefully started back up with plain boiled white rice. It never seemed to be anything, and she always got over it ok (and lived to be nearly 16.5).

I hope Toby is feeling much better, so you can, too.
when my cats feel sick they always run to the rug to throw up. why is that??
Beula and I are hoping Mr. Toby will be feeling much better today. We have the same problem with the carpet. Thanks goodness it is a nice golden yellow so any stains are not as easy to spot.
Awwww! Another cute cartoon of Toby! That pic of him makes me want to hug him sooooo here,((((( Darling Toby)))))love and prayers(so funny, my word verification is xyomuhoz, isn't that close to Dorothy's Oz doggie ToTo? is that how you named Mr. Toby?!)
Ya, I re-researched it a bit, and animals do eat grass for more than throwing up. It's very healthful for their system. If you've got a natural foods store or a Petsmart nearby, try picking up a little container of wheatgrass (they're organic- no chemicals) and let him have it when he's settled down. He'll probably appreciate it tremendously. All that vomitting totally strips his little body of it's nutrients and digestive powers.
I am glad Toby seems to be feeling better! I always found it completely amazing that dogs and cats know which weeds/grass to eat to help with their digestion issues!!
thank guys!! Toby is MUCH better today. All back to normal. I am getting some wheatgrass tonight from PetsMart. The cats love it too.

I called the vet and we're stopping the meds for 5 days then we'll 1/2 the dose and see if it irrates his tummy again. he's suppossed to have this medicine with food but it's so hard to get him to eat. He likes to be hand fed and we're trying to stop that, so I might be falling off the no-hand-feeding wagon to get food back in his system.

Anyway, he's much better, it usual perky and grumpy self! yay!!
yeah Claudine!

the blog looks "normal" again too!

so interested in the wheatgrass idea, might help solve our quandry when we put in artifical turf cause our postage stamp "back yard" won't grow grass... keep me posted!

hooray for trying not to hand feed!

best to the furfaces and the substitute blogger!
Karen, I have fed my cats wheatgrass for some time now (because of concerns about chemicals in the grass fertilizer and weed killers), and they LOVE it. I can now tell when they are in need of some greens because they will seem a little less perky, a little sluggish. But, after I feed them the wheatgrass, they perk right up and you can tell it in their faces. Their eyes seem brighter and more alert. Always a good sign! :o)
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