it's thursday!
Just a regular old day today, worked on stuff and have to pack it all up to ship out tomorrow. I hate the packing and shipping part, but it must be done!

I think I might be brave and try to have the postman pick up the packages again. I tried having my postman pick up my orders a few weeks ago and he was grumpy about it. I don't think he liked leaving his truck and coming to the door to get the packages. But now I think I'll try it again. Wish me luck!

Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I finished up and am packing up to ship out tomorrow. These girls are so sweet.

I've also been helping my friend Bernie with
her blog. Bernie runs her own grassroots animal rescue and she is an amazing gal. I've created a new blog for her on blogger so that way it would be more functional than her old one and easier for people to donate supplies to her.
claudine...yesterday i called my best friend here because i have this thing about the mailman stuffing packages into my box instead of deliverying them to the door. He hangs them from the flag, he balances them on top of the box(and mailboxes are not flat) he prompts them on the lids with the door hanging open. We have lots of trucks go down our road so anything could get blown off and has! But yesterday he beat his record...3 priority enevelopes, 1 small priority box from sally jean, 1 manila enevelope that said don't bend on both sides was folded in half, 3 magazines, and regular bills. A new record has been reached!! good luck with your mail pick-up attempt! smiles, andra
Re: Mailmen Don't they work for us? I know we pay for their services with our stamps, etc but don't our taxes help fund the US Postal Svc? (I haven't researched so may be wrong) I mean, they aren't doing us a favor - don't we have the right to expect common courtesy in exchange for our $?
I often remind folks in retail that I pay their salaries.
(I worked retail and boss often reminded me of that!)
oh claudine!

you have charmed hundreds, probably thousands of folks and not the mailman? I find that hard to believe! time to start believing he IS charmed - of course you could bake a batch of brownies or something for good measure - not every time certainly, but randomly...

bernie's blog looks great, can imagine how much she appreciates your help. she sure is special!

happy bunny weekend to all your house!
Karen - I'm a proud mum, if ever there was one, but I don't think Claudine would win the postman over with any brownies that she baked.

Sorry darling, but I think we agree, cooking is not our strong point. But maybe you can buy him some nice imported chocolates.

Luv mummy
hi Ann!

how did I know this comment was coming?! but I did mean a mix-quick and a sure thing!!! guess I'm keeping the nice imported stuff for me and my house guests!!!
thank for the grins:)

luv to claudine and her mum!
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