i can do laundry again
Our dryer conked out yesterday. I went to dry the loads of laundry that I brought home from my last trip and put them in the dryer, started it, and it made an ominous screeching sound as the drum turned. ut oh.

So I hung all the wet laundry around the house and pretended I was in Italy.

Today I called the repairman. I had to call 3 different places to get one who would fix a Frigidaire dryer. On the third try, I got lucky and the guy came out today and fixed it. Seems when our dryer was being born at the factory they ran out of small screws. So some bright person said "oh it doesn't matter I'll put a longer screw in." So then our dryer came home with us and this long screw slowly grinded the bearings away until it broke. I am glad he found what was causing it or else it would have broken again in another couple months.

It was neat to see what the inside of the dryer looked like. When he took out the drum I peeked inside, there's not a whole lot to a dryer. Just a big drum and a heating coil and a fan. I quizzed the repairman on which appliances he fixes the most (refrigerators) and which brands of appliances (Frigidaire). Then I looked around our kitchen and saw we have 3 Frigidaire appliances - eeep! Knock on wood nothing else breaks.

You're too funny! I always follow the repairman around too...i want to know how something works so next time i can fix it or at least figure out what is wrong with it! smiles, andra
glad I've got whirpool!
It is a really good idea to check out the insides of a dryer before sending it to the dryer graveyard.

About 11 years ago I Iost my diamond engagement ring, it was right after my son was born and I remember taking it off while feeding him one morning and placing it in my bathrobe pocket.

To make a long story short, when I went to look for my ring I could not find it - in my muddled baby brain it took me 3 weeks to realize I wasn't wearing my ring and to start looking for it!. In the meantime I had washed and dried my bathrobe. I searched the washer and dryer but could not find it - I thought it went down the drain.

10 years later - last year - our dryer died, before the guy took it away I asked to look through the back end and even asked him to take it apart. There among the dust bunnies and pennies and paper clips was my beautiful diamond ring - all nice and clean!

I was so HAPPY!
I love this new work of art! I have been drawing my washer/dryer a lot lately too! Maybe it is my romantic idea of spring cleaning! Oh and by the by, I always pretend I am in Italy *smile*
If I could paint pictures of my house being clean and organized, do you think it would magically happen?

I ask because I've just today sent off the last of my work to a gallery for a show next week, and I'm sitting here in the remnants of my frenzied production, noticing the weeks' (as opposed to "week's"...yes, folks. it's a big pile) worth of laundry, every dish in my sink, and a cat box that has begun to crawl around my home.

So far I've tried squeezing my eyes shut tightly, clicking my heels and wishing it away, but if painting it away will work, I'll try it! It's either that or a flamethrower...........
I am loving your washer/dryer stories. That is amazing cathleen that you found your ring! yay!
What you have there Claudine is what we call in the U.K. a 'Friday Afternoon machine'!!
Obviously meaning that come Friday afternoon the engineers are in too much of a hurry to start their weekend - and who wants to go looking for the right screw when you've got a box of 'wrong' ones in front of you!
I think we all have 'Friday Afternoon' moments sometimes when we are crafting, and live to regret it - I know I do!
Maybe we could compile a list :)
At least you know who to call if something breaks!!!
Hi Claudine!
On the subject of laundry & Italy, I hope you get a chance to check out my experience relating to the two which I posted on my blog... Sharon.
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