easter memories
When this photo was taken of me as a little girl, I was living in NY. My parents gave me a new Barbie as an Easter present and in the original of this photo I am holding it up for the camera. I remember the neighbor girl coming over and asking if she could play with my Barbie to which I replied "not yet, it's too new to share." hee hee! what a typical "only child" answer! I still don't like to share my new toys when I first get them. I guess some things never change.

Another Easter memory I have is of the ubiquitous Easter egg hunt. I was always the kid who could never find the eggs as fast as the other kids. I remember seeing an egg on a lawn chair and running towards it only to have a little boy swoop in and snatch it before I could reach it.

And then there was the dramatic plastic egg incident. When I was three years old I thought it would be a good idea to take 1/2 of a plastic Easter egg and smash the sharp rim against my forehead. This resulted in lots of blood and drama and a trip to go and get stitches. I still have the scar today and every time I see a plastic Easter egg I have a little giggle.
Sure it's always funny later when you think about it or tell the story, but I bet your mom freaked! I loved taking your class at Artfest. I made three boxes, and gave the first to my sister the next week. Today I am cutting plexiglass for the other two and giving one to my friend with three kids for Easter. The other will go in my kitchen. Also I just found an old print-out about a class you did on Beeswax Collage. I want to try that too. Do you know of any books about it? Thanks for your enthusiasm, Catherine
Hey Claudine, it's mummy.
You were probably too young to remember, but one of the most memorable easter Egg hunts for all the wrong reasons was the one I hosted in Windermere. I never gave a thought to the Florida sunshine and bought only chocolate eggs, which in no time were reduced to a molten mess, which the kids gleefully spread all over their new clothes. Naturally, i didn't get invited to host another event. How did you ever survive such an inept mother. Love you darling.
Glad you shared your memories, I'm still smiling :)
Like that photo as well...
How funny is that - smashing the plastic egg on your head. Silly girl.
Happy Easter!
claudine, i will tell you my plastic egg story when we are together - my brother would never let me forget it. argh. yours is about as good as mine, maybe.
i love you!!!!!!!!!
such a fun collage- i love the stories! :)
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