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Everything's back to normal today. I was super busy working on commissions and other work etc. Here's a PoppetTM Canvas commission that I just sent out today. I love this family, what sweeties! I especially like how the kitty pokes his head around the legs of the little boy.

Thanks for all the well wishes for Toby! He's totally recovered and playing with Paul right now. I called the vet this morning and he told me to take him off the meds that were upsetting his tummy (I had already stopped anyway) and we'll try again in a few days with a lower dosage. Tonight I gave him a bath to help with his skin allergies and he was not a happy camper. I do the washing and Paul does the drying, so Paul gets to be the good guy! hey!

After bathtime for Toby we rented
Crash and relaxed while Toby glowered at us and made us feel guilty. What a great movie. Loved it.
I am sooo glad Toby is feeling better!! I love this commission by the way! I hope you enjoy Crash, we liked it alot!

Have a great night!
My husband and I just watched Crash tonight too. It is definitely a powerful film. It left us a bit reflective and quiet.
you relaxed while watching crash? what an intense film - but so very powerful....i've seen it twice - once with each son -
sorry for toby. of COURSE he went for the rug. it's too easy to clean up something else!
aspen and i are hitting the road this morning for alabama (roy left for mexico)so i had to unpack and REpack! LOL xoxo
that piece is soo cute!! love the pets!!

and Crash..excellent movie!
i really love your poppet work!!! someone has told me about your artwork and finally got to check it all out... very very very beautiful!!! i've always wanted to do collage work but i have a hard time... something with using patterns i guess... i'd love to learn how to get an eye to do collage! point being, your work is just darn beautiful :D
Glad to hear that Toby is doing better!
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