It got SO cold around here, I feel frozen!

We had to cover up all the plants to protect them because tonight it will get below freezing for the second night in a row. I hope our tomato plant survives, it is finally growing one teeny tomato and Paul and I can't wait to eat it.

I don't know how all you Northerners can handle all that snow and cold! I saw photos on Nina's blog, it looks lovely, but brrrrrr! I can't take it.

Today was mostly filled with errands, we finally bought new batteries for our garage door openers, so that now we can actually use them. You know you're all grown up when getting new garage door batteries makes you really excited.

Also worked on the
commission orders, answered email etc. and before I knew it, it's time for bed!

Happy Valentine's Day!
honey, i ain't no nawthanah!!! and roy wants to know when he gets to see the shipwreck woman photo!! xoxo
Happy Valentines Day to You and your Dear Hubby Claudine.

P.S. When the temps drop below 45 here in the desert, I take to wearing this big, Brown, fluffy down coat I picked up on clearence at OLD NAVY last year.
It keeps me toasty warm and prevents my husband from having to walk around sweating in our house =)
Sending warm desert Breezes your way.
Nina -- well if it snows there, I count it as the North! LOL! OK you're in a very cold *southern* region.
happy love day to both of you! stay warm and snuggle a LOT! colorado has had it's ups/downs recently. i'm cold in the summertime - ha!
I took a long perusal of Nina's blog and photos last night. What a beautifully touching experience. I hope she doesn't mind that I added her blog to my favorites list for inspiration, even though I've never met her before.

Nina's blog is really great! she's a good, good friend of mine, I am sure she would love the link to her blog!
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