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Due to a lack of internet connection at Claudine's current workshop location, I, Claudine's husband Paul, will be adding entries to her blog. I just talked with her and she's doing very well. She said Asilomar is beautiful. She has a tremendous view of the beach from her room. Her friends Lesley and Nina are rooming with her. Wildlife is everywhere. She even saw a few deer! She took some pictures and we will upload them to Flickr when she gets back. I'll have to tag along if she teaches there next year! Today she taught the composition class and a fun time was had by all!
thanks paul for keeping us in the know! can't wait to see the photos of the wildlife! you better tag along next time, that's what my hubby would say - ha!
Hi Paul,
Tell claudine WE miss her and look forward to pics of this adventure.
hi Paul! talk about the opposite of Las Vegas - the Monterey Peninsula is it! we had never heard of Asilomar, but looking at it this weekend, can see it is the best of what the area has to offer. you'll love it rain or shine and Claudine is hitting a rare dry February out here.

as our roving reporter will we get your reaction to Project Runway this week?! dying to hear/see your Tim Gunn impersonation, bet you leave Santino in the dust!!!

all the best, thanks for the updates - best to both of you and the furfaces!
hi claudine...caught your segment on Carol Duval yesterday and it was like standing in front of you at CHA! You are so natural and so much fun...oh, and did i mention talented??? (my blue beeswax poodle is watching over me here in clearwater. hope you are having fun in CA.
So glad she's enjoying herself. It sounds beatiful! Glad you're able to post in her absence. :) Great photo!
Hey gang, thanks for all the great comments. Marybeth, I miss her a bunch too. At least she will be back on Friday. Rachel, Claudine said she saw some massive crows today. They were flying all over the place. Dottie, thanks for watching the Carol Duvall show. Claudine's personality really comes across on the screen. Karen, I don't think my impression of Tim is nearly as good as Santino's. The guy had it dead-on! Give my best to Jack! Cheers!
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